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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Nurse Boy in the house...

It has been two weeks since I blogged last. A lot can happen in two weeks. First, that job that offered $6.00 less an hour was not the only job that I applied for. I also applied for the charge nurse position at St. Mary's hospital in Blue Springs in the GI-Lab. I ended up accepting that position and gave my notice a week ago. Oh the drama! I am actually glad that all the drama occurred, because I showed me that I made the right decision. It was tough in the midst of the decision, because in prayer God did not tell me to "take it". My pastor once said that when praying about something you probably won't hear those words, but if you don't get a "NO" then move foreword. That is what I did. Don't think that I do everything the pastor says though, fat boy don't deny himself empty calories very often.

There was a little stress during the decision making process, but now that it is made there is a lot of peace. As I was going into last weekend in peace the fam and I were on a walk. The old lady mentions Sweat Pea would be pretty with pierced ears. I have been the hold out. My thought was that Sweat Pea could get her ears pierced when she is old enough to ask for it. In a moment of weakness I agree that Sweat Pea would be pretty. Long story short, Sweat Pea's ears are pierced within 16 hours.


Why four times you ask?

Because it is not a good idea to have minor cosmetic surgeries in the corridor of the mall. Nurse Boy was not impressed with the sterile technique. Sweat Pea has not developed earlobe gangrene though. They did make her earrings uneven.


Hence the four piercings. I was willing to let her be lop sided for life, but the old lady was not. Sweat Pea did not seem to have a lot of pain, but she will always have a fear of short Asian men with semi-broken English. Hopefully she will always hate the mall as well. She does look pretty though.

So...I have a new job that will hopefully provide more balance between work and home, I have been a part of scarring one of my children for life, the world champion Colts looked good on Thursday night. The world is right.