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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Things That Make Me Smile!

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

This summer we invested in a fire pit. Yes, I said fire pit.  We are city folk over here.  Born and raised.  Quite frankly, we're darn proud of it.  Yes, I know the beauty of the country side, the open fields, the snow capped mountains, the rippling lakes, and the sandy beaches.  God's beauty is all around us. 

We just like to call our appreciation VACATION. 

Yep, that is indeed what vacations are for.  But, when living out this daily thing called life, I prefer the conveniences of the city.  Don't get me wrong, I often find myself complaining about Walmart and Quik Trip being stationed on every street corner.  However, I do venture in to those places and even jump for joy when I have a sick kid in the middle of the night and we are all out of Tylenol.  I can just hop in the car for a quick drive.  A 5 minute trip can solve most of my problems and I wouldn't have it any other way.

BUT, an evening in our backyard sitting around the fire pit with my family is so relaxing.  Add some marshmallows and chocolate, and I am in heaven...

Plus, if we run out of marshmallows, I can be back in 5 minutes with a fresh bag.  Now, THAT makes me smile!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday's Random Musings

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

Sigh.  It is Monday.  I am still catching up on my sleep from last week.  Life is much better now, although I still find myself feeling a bit "wounded."  Life is hard sometimes.  I wish that wasn't true.  Plus, any time I find myself in crisis mode, I find myself reevaluating everything around me.    

Time for some randomness:

**My dad is doing AMAZING!!  I am still in awe of all that God has done!! 

** I hate this hot weather, yet I am not a fan of the cold and snow.  Yes, I am picky.  Spring and Fall will always have my vote for the perfect weather.  A cool breeze would feel delightful right about now.

**I don't care to step foot in another ER for a very long time.  Although, my kids were excited that they got to see our local police hard at work while they sat in the waiting room. They got to witness the police escorting a bloody, handcuffed woman into the front doors of the ER.  They have been talking about it non-stop.  Why was it at THAT moment in time that they decided to pay attention to everything around them?  When I ask them about any important details in their lives, they are CLUELESS.

**Nurse Boy and I started leading a 6 week marriage class at church last week.  I am so thankful for that man!  He has always made our marriage a priority.  I love it when we are working as a team... sometimes we are successful and sometimes we fail... but, we are a team and we are committed to sticking it out together. 

**We only have 3 weeks until school starts!  I can't even believe it!!  How is that possible? 

**Soccer season is also right around the corner.  I love fall soccer!!

**I don't care to hear another knock-knock joke EVER again.  None of them are funny and Sweet Pea's attempts are painful to listen to.

**I can't seem to get enough bing cherries or watermelon this summer... or stain stick for that matter!  Here's hoping the boys still have some clothes without stains when school starts.

**July has been a TOUGH month for our family (for many reasons).  I am sooo over it!!  August can't get here soon enough!

**I am sooo thankful for happy, healthy kids.  I am a bit of an overprotective mom, but life has a way of introducing them to reality.  I pray that they are able to watch Nurse Boy and I cling to God during those tough times and learn from that.  I wish I could protect them from the world.  I wish people wouldn't disappoint them.  I wish bad things wouldn't happen.  BUT, we live in the world.  We are not of the world, but we do live in it.  Life is full of disappointments and unfair surprises.  However, it is also full of hope.  Hope in Jesus Christ.  I pray every day that they are truly able to learn to put their hope and trust in Jesus as they walk through life.  Even when life stinks.

**Although life has been pretty tough this summer, we are so blessed!  When I focus on our blessings, my entire perspective changes.

Happy Monday!

Go ahead... count your blessings.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

He is HOME!!!

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

What an exhausting week it has been!!!  This was one of those weeks that we shall never forget.  And, one I hope to never have again!

Sunday night our family was celebrating the kick start of VBS at my parents' church.  My parents were supposed to be joining us for the family celebration, complete with dinner and games for the kids.  We thought it was odd that they didn't show up.  Pretty soon we noticed a voice mail on our cell.  Mom left a message saying Dad wasn't feeling well and they were going to stay home and rest.  No big deal. 

Or, so we thought.

During the worship portion of the night, Nurse Boy's phone kept ringing.  Somehow, I knew something was up.  I left the service to check to see if there were any more messages on the cell.

Indeed there were.

Mom said she was driving to the hospital and she was certain that Dad was in the beginning stages of a stroke.

My heart sank.  I couldn't breathe.  I felt helpless.  I prayed for HEALING.

I ran into the service and grabbed Nurse Boy, the 3 kids, and my parents' pastor.  I am pretty sure I made quite the scene.  I was most certainly too scared to care.

The rest of the evening was filled with miracles!!  We had 5 churches (that I know of) praying for my dad.  You see, Dad had a stroke 14 years ago.  That first night, 14 years ago, we were told not to expect him to make it through the night.  He was only 46 years old.  We weren't prepared to relive that moment.

When we got to the hospital, Dad was still talking and moving both sides of his body.  He was indeed having a stroke, but he looked much better that first night than he had 14 years ago.  Pastor Dan joined my brother, my mom, Nurse Boy, and myself at the hospital.  We all prayed together and took turns sitting with my kids in the ER waiting room.  Including Pastor Dan!!  He sat with my kids and listened to their knock, knock jokes and whatever else was on their minds.  (Pastor Dan probably knows WAY too much about us now!  My dad always says that Nurse Boy and I have NO secrets, thanks to our 3 kids.  If only that weren't true.)  What a comfort Pastor Dan was to all of us!!

But, our Lord and Savior was the biggest comfort of all!!

Through prayer and medication, my Dad's stroke was reversed within hours of it starting.  By the next morning he was almost back to normal!!  Less than 2 days later, his MRI was CLEAR!!  He had NO permanent damage.  Less than 3 days later, he was discharged and even cleared to drive!!!

We are talking about MIRACLES!!!

Today he is home.  The kids and I took him lunch this afternoon and he had just gotten back from running errands.... he just had a stroke on SUNDAY!!!  You would NEVER know it to look at him!!  We are so thankful for his healing! 

Now, we are all EXHAUSTED and BLESSED. Yes, you CAN be both! My kids spent the week doing a lot of this:

Hospital trips galore.  (No more of those, please.  Got that, Papa?)

Hanging out in the ICU waiting room.  With smiles!

And, there was a little ottoman racing... but, what can I expect?!  The kids were bored and, quite frankly, some of those people in the ICU needed to giggle a little.  Life can be hard.

AND, Nurse Boy couldn't even tone down his own sense of humor and wore this t-shirt to visit Dad:

No, I am not kidding!

What a week!  And, what a reminder that we NEED a Savior!!  He heals and restores our hearts, our bodies, and, in my Dad's case, our brains!!!  Thank you for those of you who prayed for Dad!!  We all felt those prayers.  Now, we are praying for life to become a little more relaxing and restful.  ;0)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Praying for a Speedy Recovery!

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

Yesterday I received a call that was all too familiar.  It made me flash back to 14 years ago.  And, it wasn't pretty.  Thankfully, my God is bigger than all of this.

My father had a stroke last night. 

He had a stroke 14 years ago that changed all of our lives... for the better, believe it or not.  It was through that stroke that Nurse Boy and I developed a relationship with Jesus Christ.  My parents were new believers and walked out their faith during that challenging time.  Dad's recovery and Mom's peace were inspiring.  They truly found comfort in their Lord and Savior.  Dad fully recovered, despite the doctor's warnings that he most likely wouldn't make it through that first night.  He did.  And, he fully recovered.  Because of that amazing recovery, he gets to spend lots of time with my little munchkins:

They are all 4 pretty crazy about each other.

Dad is currently in the ICU while we are praying for a FULL recovery.  He has already made improvements and the kids are looking forward to visiting him today.  Please stand in agreement with us for healing, peace, comfort, and wisdom.

Because, we need to celebrate more of these moments with him:

We love you and are praying for you, Dad!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Fare!

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

It is finally Friday.  We have had a bit of a dreary, rainy week.  Frankly, the break in the weather this week has been a blessing.  The boys spent their mornings out on the soccerfields at their favorite soccer camp.  I think it is their little peace of heaven here on earth. 

Here are my handsome players!

Since it is Friday, I must share a recipe for a perfect summer treat.  This is a special recipe for all of your kids or grand kids.  It is perfect for hot, steamy weather.

ICE CREAM in a Bag

Ingredients and Supplies Needed:
(one serving)
sandwich-size zipper bag
1/2 cup whole milk
1 Tablespoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
gallon-size zipper bag
ice (fill gallon bag halfway)
6 Tablespoons rock salt

1.  Combine milk, sugar, and vanilla in small zipper bag and seal tightly.
2.  Add the rock salt to the large bag of ice.
3.  Place the small sealed bag inside the large bag and seal.
4.  Send the kids outside and have them shake their bag for about 5 minutes.

This is a perfect activity right after a nice day at the pool.

Even my 4 year old made her own ice cream.

And, sometimes they are so excited to enjoy their special treat that there is no time to even bother with a bowl.

(Truth be told, it tastes a lot like "ice milk," but it has still been a hit around here.)

Have a wonderful weekend!! 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sweet Rolls and Sweet Talk

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

This week I had the pleasure of having breakfast with this little sweetie:

'Cuz nothin' says "Good Morning" like a chocolate chip muffie and some ice cold milk.

I got to stare into those baby blues and chat about all things deemed important in the world of a 4 year old.

Yes, we talked about Dora.

We talked about her brothers.

We even talked about hair bows.

We were silly.

And, we were serious. 

I love it when God reveals her little heart to me.  We talked about Jesus and His love for her.  She also had a bit of a heavy heart and asked me to pray with her.  I love watching her faith grow!  I just know God is going to answer her prayers. 

After all she, too, has been an answer to prayer to this mommy!

God bless each and everyone of you!  May you know the true love He has for you!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Red, White, and Blue Randomness

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

We have had a fun past couple of weeks and I have done a horrible job of keeping everyone updated.  ('Cuz I know you were all on the edge of your seats.  Ha!)  The 4th of July is my favorite part of summer.  (Except for the heat.  I am not a fan of sweat rolling down my back.  Yuck!)  I love the parades, the fireworks, and the late nights.  And, let's not forget the ice cream, hot dogs (only on the grill, of course), and savoring every. single. moment. that I get to dress my children up in matching clothes.

I love dressing them up for the 4th!!

We started off the holiday with our annual 4th of July Celebration at our church.  The kids enjoyed jumping, climbing, and racing on some inflatable while we waited for the dark sky to create the perfect backdrop for some spectacular fireworks.

Sweet Pea is my kind of girl... she found the water and didn't stop until she was soaking wet.

Before the fireworks, we enjoyed some worship music.  I am so thankful I am raising my family in a country built on Christian principles!

All in all, IT WAS HOT.  Yet, we loved every moment of it.

Next, we celebrated the 4th with my parents and some dear friends.

Here is all of the precious cargo.  The kids had a blast!

It is tradition for us to start off the 4th at a local parade.  The kids collect candy while the adults duck and hide from the "friendly" politicians.

These bows melt my heart!

The girls are pros at collecting candy!  (And, stickers from politicians...)

Sweat Pea also knows how to work the crowd.  ;0)

The parade should always be followed by good food, "poppers", and water play!

Aren't these two handsome?  They have been buddies for as long as they can remember.

Everyone had a wonderful time.  The next day was filled with some firework watching, movie going, and just some good old fashioned family time.