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Monday, November 19, 2007

I have been on sabbatical for a while. I have changed jobs, and am now working at St. Mary's Hospital. It is a smaller hospital, but I get to do more of what I love, and make more money. You can't beat that. I have talked a lot about my kids, and since I have upgraded my computer and image management is not a big task anymore, I bring these great photo's to you. Yes, I have finally upgraded from window 98. That's right window's 98. I am now getting used to this VISTA thing.

Just as a side bar I want to share something about my new job. The main doctor that I work with has a bit of a verbal tick. He says "and stuff" and "and things" a lot. For instance he may say I hear you have not been feeling well and stuff. And you threw up last night and things. Keep in mind I work in an GI Lab where we do Colonoscopies. I am waiting for this conversation:

Doctor: "I am going to insert the scope and stuff, into your rectum."

Patient: "Huh?"

Patient: "Stuff?, what stuff? I did not consent to stuff."

Nurse Boy: "Ha Ha Ha Ha, snort, cry, Ha Ha Ha".

Doctor: "Nurse Boy, you are fired."

Nurse Boy: "More time to Blog."


David said...

I've been missing your blogs!! Thought you'd never be back :>).

David said...

Oops - that was supposed to be Joyce! I'm not used to having to sign in to leave my comments!

Chaos-Jamie said...


(What is with that "and stuff" tick? If we don't know how to end the sentence, we should just end it. Says "seriously" girl.)