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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ode to My Father

I take a lot of pride in how my kids are raised. I want them to be respectful, intelligent, fun, honest...The list goes on. I also want them to be a little quirky, because that is a family tradition. I love it when I see my quirkiness in my sons. It is scary when I see my dad's quirkiness in myself. Today, on my father's birthday I will mention some of my father's traits that I see in myself.

1. When I sneeze I do it with the same reckless abandonment that my father does. When he is done sneezing he has the eye watering gaze of pure pleasure that only a sneeze can produce. He often has the contents of his nose on top of his nose. It is audible within a five mile radius.

2. When I do something ridiculous and the people around me are looking in disbelief, I often ask "what?", when I know full well what they are appalled at. I got that from dad.

3. When I do something good I often seek out the praise I feel I deserve. When my dad makes a steak dinner he always asks, "Why don't you like it?" It does not matter how many times people have complimented his meal, he still slips that in.

4. My father and I find pleasure in annoying the people around us to see their reaction when we are bored. My dad flicks peoples rear ends until they punch him. He then asks, "What?"

5. When I belch and pass gas, which is about once a year, it sounds exactly like my father. That is the most eerie to me.

There are plenty of socially acceptable things I can mention, but that is not blog material.

Happy Birthday Dad!
I love you.

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