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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Looking Forward

I am glad to hear that my last post has inspired some people to educate their children so they don't grow up city boys or girls also. I blame my father. He did not start to acquire cool stuff like a snow blower, a tiller, a yard tractor until I moved out of town. I know why though. He didn't need any of that stuff because he had a teenage boy. I won't be buying a riding lawn mower for a while. Dimples and Bruiser will be mowing my lawn soon enough. I don't need a tiller, I need a hoe and a boy who wants stuff. My lawn equipment wont be using a 50:1 gas oil mix. They will be eating 50 pasta packets and rejecting one vegetable. They will also be difficult to start, but what is new. Instead of adjusting the choke, I will be choking them.

Then when they move out the wife and I are planning on moving into a town home or no maintenance neighborhood. We will be upgrading all of the electronics but not know how to use it. We will buy cool new cars. We will buy power equipment for the yard that we don't have just because we can. Why? Because that is the cycle of life. I can't wait for that cycle. Then I'll miss this cycle when I am there.

This is the kids at my parents house. I think I will miss this stage. That is one of bruisers smiles. You gotta love that!

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