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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What Gives, Nurse Boy?

So, I'll start by saying this is Mrs. Nurse Boy. Sorry to say, I am not nearly as funny, but my kids are! I noticed that Nurse Boy hasn't posted in OVER A MONTH!!! That must be sad for the two of you who read this. O.K., that might be an exaggeration. I think there is just one lonely reader out there. ( Hi, Dad!) And, since Nurse Boy hasn't blogged in over a month, I am guessing I am writing a letter to myself.

I thought I might start sharing this blog with my husband. I hope to share some of the crazy things my kids do and say. I might have my hands full and life sure can be frustrating, but my kids make me laugh everyday and keep me VERY humble! Kind of like my husband. ;0)

Yesterday, I had several errands I needed to run. Very BORING errands, if you are under the age of 10. At our third stop, I told the kids they could pick where we would eat lunch if they remained on their very best behavior. I don't even know why I set myself up. They seemed to be testing the boundaries the entire time while I kept the carrot dangling in front of them as we walked through the aisles of the store. Dimples was great, Sweet Pea was awful, and Bruiser was somewhere in the middle.

Before we hit the check out, I reminded them that they still needed to keep it together. (Laughable.) So, Dimples helped unload the cart and put the sacks back in the cart. Bruiser kept asking if we were finished and where we were going to eat. Will it be McDonald's? Could he get a toy? Did I know just HOW hungry he was? And, the precious little girl with the big blue eyes kept taking her shoes off and throwing them on the floor.

Just as I placed the last bag in the cart and picked up Sweet Pea's shoes for the tenth time, I began thinking about just how difficult it seems to be to get anything done with all these kids. Right at that moment, the lady standing in the check out behind us looked at me and smiled. She told me that my children were precious and beautiful. She said I was a very lucky woman. And, she had just witnessed their behavior! I was humbled. She is right. I made them spend all morning doing things they had NO interest in doing. They weren't THAT bad. They were bored children trying to hold it together (with the exception of Sweet Pea, who is two. Enough said?).

What she doesn't know is I am BLESSED. Luck has nothing to do with it. Nurse Boy and I make mistakes on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis. But, God is so faithful. I felt God smiling down on me at that moment.

And, because my kids are human, I won't even discuss just how "precious" they were at the fast food play land.

They do like to keep me humble.

I am so glad!


Nurse Boy said...

Where is your husband durring all of this? Your kids sound like they are lacking a fathers discipline! Good luck lady!

Cary said...

Thanks for writing this.