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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Post-op Day One

Dimples is worse today than yesterday, but he is doing well. He is not eating anything, and is drinking less, but still drinking an adequate amount. He will still eat the ice cream though. He slept the whole night, but was in a lot of pain when he woke up. He is not talking, and I am telling you, I did not think anything could keep him from doing that. I worry about when he is recovered, if he makes up all the words that he is missing today, I will need to take a few swigs from his pain medication. Dimples keeps a towel at his side at all times so he can spit into it since he doesn't want to swallow his saliva. I am thinking of getting him a spitoon, but I am afraid that he and Bruiser would never swallow their own saliva again if we had one of those around.
Speaking of Bruiser, he had a run in with a bird the other day. We were on the way to church, and Bruiser and I were walking out to the van before the rest of the family. My wife loves it when I am impatient and go the the van early in protest. I think she enjoys the fact that I only grab Sweat Pea and the diaper bag, and leave her with all the other stuff that is not neatly assemble by the door. I would tell you what it is, but I don't know, which is why I leave it for her. There are are wives all over groaning, well they would be if they were reading my blog. So I guess there is maybe a wife groaning, and it is probably mine. Back to the storry, while I am buckeling Sweat Pea, I hear a loud chirping, followed by loud screaming. Then Bruiser appears around the car crying and there may have been some flailing. He was not under control, even more so than most church nights. He informed me that a bird attacked him. With all of the empathy I could muster up I asked him what he did to make the bird attack him. He claims it was unprovoked. Dimples and the wife then make it to the car, and the wife does not believe Bruiser, until I added the detail of the loud chirping. Bruiser was in the back looking frightened and a little defeated. As I was pulling out of the drive way, there he lay. A dead bird in the middle of the driveway. As I pointed him out to the family I could see a spark of confidence return to Bruisers face. He said "yeah, I hit him". That says a lot about little boys and thier dads. Neither Bruiser or I was happy about him being attacked by a ferocious bird, but it sparked a little pride to know that Bruiser came out of top. We will have to see who wins in the next match of Bruiser vs. Squirel. My money is on Bruiser.


Chaos-Jamie said...

I so get the "go to the van in protest" wife thing. Like it is going to speed me up to have you sitting in the van with it running? No, I still have to go around and turn off all the lights, the coffee pot, the stereo, grab and extra couple diapers and wipes for the bag, shoes for Frodo who left without them again, shoes for me, and the coloring books. But hey, if you think that speeds us up, more power to ya. At least you aren't standing in the foyer, sighing every time I walk by and shooting looks at the clock.

Nurse Boy said...

Hey Chaos, nobody ever said the going to the van in protest was logical or helpful. My name is Nurse BOY. The wife says she is thankful for the protsest since it helps keep her on track.