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Friday, July 27, 2007

Post-op day zero

Dimples had his tonsils out today. He did great this morning not being able to eat anything. His Surgery did not start until 1:30 and did not whine once about being hungry. He mentioned that he was nervous just in passing as we were walking into the surgery center. He then was able to distract himself with books and talking. I have adults whine about the hunger and carry on about their anxiety every day in my job. I am sympathetic to them, but they are whiny and they do carry on. Dimples was brave. We talked about Jesus being with him even when mom and dad are not, and he acknowledged that as fact that went unsaid. The wife did not cry either, but did say that she could not kiss him good-bye as he rolled into the OR or she would have. I gave his a kiss for both of us. Dimples did look a little weepy in recovery, but that is common in kids coming out of anesthetics who are also experiencing a boat load of pain. He is doing well, eating home made ice cream from Bubby and Papa, and drinking apple juice. He did puke on the way home, but we were told to expect that, so I got to ride in back with him. All said and done, we are blessed to have an awesome kid like dimples, and to have the comfort that Jesus provides in times like these. We are also blessed to have the support around us so the wife and I could concentrate on Dimples today. I did enjoy having the day off of work. I will have to see if Bruiser needs some minor surgery the next time I could use a little break from work.

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mommy4life said...

So glad surgery went well. I was thinking and praying for him and you all today....