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Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday's Random Musings

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

Sigh. It is Monday. We have been pretty busy and I have had a bad case of writer's block. I have had a few things weighing a little heavy on my heart the last few weeks. Thankfully, nothing serious. Just life. So, in honor of Monday and keeping things light....

Have you ever had one of THOSE weeks? Well, I did!

* We ran out of bar soap in the shower. (Seriously, it feels like I am at the store every other day. How can I repeatedly forget the bar soap until it is nothing but a sliver of yuck?)

* My built in microwave died. In the middle of one of my cooking marathons.

* Extra bills and a determination to remain debt free means I can't run to the store to buy a new one right away.

* I never realized how much I used that thing until it became an over sized timer for my kitchen.

* I thought my oldest child had made a really poor choice this week.

* Of course, I was told about my son's poor choice by another mom when he was sound asleep for the night.

* Am I the only one who can't sleep when that happens? By the sound of Nurse Boy's snoring all night long, I am guessing the answer is, "Yes."

* I am getting a cold. Plus, I can't seem to sneak a nap to save my life.

* Bruiser has been congested for about 3 weeks. We finally took him to the doctor for them to tell us he has a cold. Silly me, I was looking for new information.

* Nurse Boy is finally feeling my pain and wants to figure out how to purchase a microwave before Superbowl Sunday.

* The men in my life are VERY excited about the Superbowl.

* In case you live in a cave, the Colts are playing in the Superbowl.

* Since we are originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, we apparently bleed blue and white and must teach all of our offspring to trash talk anyone who is not a Colts fan.

* I say "apparently", because on Superbowl Sunday I will be celebrating the END of football season! (Just like I do every year.)

* Oh, and that sleepless night over my son's poor choice? It was a big, fat waste of time. (Nurse Boy was right after all!) Turns out, after MUCH investigation, my son had actually made several smart and intelligent choices during a difficult situation.

* So, instead of beating myself up as a parent, I will thank God that Dimples had a sound mind to make smart, mature decisions.

* Being a parent is by far the hardest thing I have ever done or ever will do!

* Being a parent is also the most rewarding thing I have ever done or ever will do!

Have a fabulous Monday... if that is even possible on a Monday ;0)


Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

Don't you just love it when you find out that your kid made wise choices? As parents, we can then tell ourselves, "Maybe I'm getting through after all".

The best way to sneak a nap is to "do something bad", and then you are forced to put yourself in time out.

Pam said...

Good job to your son for his good choices.

I haven't used bar soap in years. After discovering liquid soap I refuse to go back to bar soap.

The best thing about the superbowl is the commercials. And I hate commercials.

I hope your week gets better and you find a way to replace your oversized timer.

Mrsbear said...

You had me on the edge of my seat with your item spacing. Phew. Glad to hear the fretting was for nothing and that Dimples once again made you proud.

You're right though, parenting is a tough gig.

Made easier by a working microwave...ahem...

Michelle Hart said...

Hmmm, now I'm curious to know what Dimples was up to. But glad he made good decisions. I think the lack of sleep thing is a genetic disorder all women have. It may even date back to Eve. I think I'm getting dejavu - did I say that in a previous comment?

I'm with you on the Superbowl thing too. Except the whole rooting for the Colts thing. I really don't care about football, so I don't care who wins the game, I just root for whoever my husband is not. :)


Emily said...

WTG Dimples!!! It's so rewarding when we find out our children made smart decisions.
Hope you get that microwave soon.

Emily said...

WTG Dimples!!! It's so rewarding when we find out our children made smart decisions.
Hope you get that microwave soon.

Jewel said...

Good for Dimples! Oh, but I know what you went through until you found out the rest of the story, Mrs. NB!! It IS difficult being a parent, but so worth it!
We are just not into the NFL, so I don't feel your pain, but my dear daughter-in-law does, I believe! I mean, Daniel and his brother-in-law were watching the Rose Bowl last Friday! Daniel had Dvr'd it! It must be a guy thing! Thankfully, not MY guy, though! Thank you, Jesus!! :-) The only good thing about the Super Bowl might be the food everyone eats during the game? :-)
So glad to see you back at Monday Randomness!!! ((HUGS))

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Glad it was good choices for Dimples!
I am excited for Superbowl Sunday!!!
I am the only one hoping the Saints win here...They have good taste in designs-they have a fluer-de-lis on their helmet...What? That is a good reason to like them!
I love Sunday for the snacks and the company...We will have a crowd, and I LOVE it!!!
Have a great week!!!

He & Me + 3 said...

I have to agree with you about parenting...it is the hardest job but so rewarding. I would have lost sleep too.

Kmama said...

I'm so glad Dimples made a good decision and made you proud.

Sorry about the rest of the stuff. FEEL BETTER!!

Kari @ p.s. love.love. said...

Glad you found out that your son made some good choices through it all. It appears your kids have wonderful examples to live by!

Our microwave went out in September and we just bought one last week. I actually managed and did very well without one. I just had to get use to starting things earlier if they had to warm up in the oven. Now that I have mine back - use it all the time :o)

Boy Mom said...

I've been living in a cave, I guess, because I have no idea who is in the Superbowl, well except, OF COURSE, the Colts.

January is a big fat cave though, every stinkin' year. I tried really hard this year to just be all zen like and accept it. NOPE still I still huddled in my icy, dreary, January, cave.

I love those sleepless nights listening to Adorable Hubby snore. Glad the sun came up to reveal good choices.

So sorry about your microwave! I was without water for 24 hours last week. "Thank you God for allowing me to be born in the days of flushing toilets."

If the microwave doesn't get replaced by Sunday y'all are welcome to come over here.

Mummy McTavish said...

fretting over kids, no microwave, a sick baby, snoring husband, no soap, watching $$'s AND football... I'm praying for you Mrs NB! Those are some crazy times you've been having... I hope superbowl is the last rubbish thing you have to deal with for a while.

(YAY for Dimples good choices in tough situations... don't tell Bruiser I called him "baby")

Tiffany said...

Girl! I can't even begin to put my last few months is a random musings post! it would take forever at this point!

Glad I stopped by today. I forget how much I miss reading everyone's blogs until I sit down and spend a little time reading!

And, no, you're not alone. I think most of the things you've listed are the story of most of our lives. It's part of the reason why we blog!

Have a great day!

Suz said...

Make sure you make time for that nap. You know what my silly cold turned in too. As moms' we push ourselves way too hard. Take that nap or at least lay down, then eat a truffle; unless your taste is gone, don't want to waste an excellent treat.

You are a wonderful mom.
You and your family are great examples, of a firm foundation.

Way to got Dimples.

You've taught them what is right. They'll make their own choices; hard to sit back and watch sometimes, most of the time it will be the right one. As parents we don't always make the right choices either, believe me I have learned that one. I sometimes wonder if I will ever stop worrying and losing sleep about life, children, and family. So glad I have a husband that will listen and help me through it all. You have a same thing.

I have a microwave you can have. However it is really old and huge. It would probably cost as much as a new one, to ship. I could ship you a 3 minute timer from one of our board games, LOL.

Love ya, hang in there!



Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Dimples is so cute, of course he made the right decision! I just want to hug him, but I think he might not take kindly to some strange woman he has never met hugging him tight (I'm also about the same height as him so I'm sure that would also freak him out a bit).

Tell Nurse Boy I am taking the sinus, nasal spray, whateverchmacallit. So far all I did was snort too hard and send it down the back of my throat, causing me to almost vomit. Yeah.