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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ace of Cakes

I am not sure how I feel about Mrs. Nurse Boy's destiny to get multiple tattoos and unconventional piercings. She will probably start to swear a lot as well.

Why do I think she will start embracing body art that is not her current style?

Because she made a cake for Sweet Pea's birthday party that was supposed to look like a Pinkalicious Cupcake from Sweet Pea's favorite book.

She rocked it!

Just like the people from Ace of Cakes.

I just hope she will rock the tattoo sleeve that is now her destiny.

Is that talent or what?
Mr. NB


Ruby Red Slippers said...

WOW. Call me impressed.
My birthday is November 6th...I hope you send me one in the mail-{kidding!} Simply Gorgeous!

Kmama said...

I so wish I had talent like that. You're right, she rocked it.

Pam said...

Yummy! It looks great!

Sheila said...

Wow, she did great! Looks awesome Mrs Nurseboy!!!

Shana said...

Wow! What a great job! That is so awesome but I am thinking No on the sleeve lol.

Brandi said...

Talent with a big ol capital 'T'!!! Wow! GREAT JOB!!!

Emily said...

That is serious talent! Is she for hire?

Michelle said...

Get Out! That cake is adorible!! Mrs NB, you did a fabulous job!!!

Mrs Lemon said...

Great cake! My birthday is in under 60 days ...

S said...

WOW!!! Did you take photos of how this creation came to be? LOVELY! And I can't wait to see the Mrs. get tattoo sleeves and start roughin' up the joint. AFTER she makes more adorable cakes!
Hope you guys are well!
Happy Spring!

Boy Mom said...

Not to worry, Suz is destined to a tattoo sleeve based on her cakes and I'll be happy to join in the tattoo destiny cause that's how I roll.

That there is one purty pink cake. I am impressed.

Jewel said...

Great cake, Mrs. NB!! I struggle just to ice a two layer cake so I usually just bake them in a 9X13 pan and ice them. :-/
Sweet Pea's cake is beautiful! You did an awesome job and I just know that she must have squealed with delight when she saw it!!! :-)
Happy Birthday, Sweet Pea!

Mrsbear said...

That is one fabulous pink cupcake cake. Sweet Pea must have been delighted. You will totally rock the tattoo sleeve, maybe a nice neck tattoo to accompany it...just a thought. lol.

A Merry Heart said...

That is DEFINITELY talent! :o)

Suz said...

Mrs. Nurse Boy,

Hats off to you. I think I'll come over and eat some right now.

You did a fabulous job. The pink colors are perfect. Sweet Pea is so lucky.



He & Me + 3 said...

Holy Moly...That is the cutest cupcake and PERFECT. Love that book.

Mummy McTavish said...

Mrs NB rocks the pinkalicious cupcake!

and the Mr rocks for singing his wifes praises so we all get to see this awesomeness.

It's late, that makes little sense.


My point is... it rocks. you guys rock. there's a lot of rockin' going on.