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Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday's Random Musings

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

It is Monday. Enough said, right? Sweet Pea and I are staying home to nurse our little Bruiser. He is under the weather today. I pray he is the last one to drop and we can start enjoying this beautiful spring weather.

Time for some of my Monday randomness...

* Last week I bought a new pair of "sporty" flip flops to go with my stay-at-home-mom uniform. They gave me a blister. And, yet, I keep slipping them on as I head out the door. You would think I would learn. Apparently, I am a very slow learner. Or lazy. I'll call it loyal.

* Is it ever possible to deep clean your home when you have children? I find it maddening to thoroughly clean one room, only to walk into a disaster zone in the very next room. I think I will finally get the house clean in 2020.

* Last week, Nurse Boy and Dimples were home sick for several days. Fevers, congestion, and ear infections were running a muck throughout our home. They woke up Saturday morning claiming to be back to normal.

* I celebrated by asking them to do some much needed yard work that I had been avoiding. I am not sure they appreciated my excitement.

* Is there anything sweeter than the sight of a man doing yard work?

*Yes! Cooking dinner... but I wasn't going to press my luck.

* Am I the only one who can't watch cooking shows with male chefs because it could be considered cheating on my husband? I suddenly find them very attractive as I in vision my husband coming home from work, heading straight to the kitchen, throwing on an apron, and making a healthy, well balanced meal for the entire family... while cleaning up the kitchen as he prepares the meal... What? It could happen!

* OK, not as long as I am married to Nurse Boy. And, sense I plan to stay married to him, I must not watch the likes of those handsome male chefs luring me all over the cable channels. Must. Turn. The. Channel.

* While Nurse Boy and Dimples were celebrating their new found energy, Bruiser started complaining of a headache and sporting a fever of his very own.

*Of course, we discovered Bruiser's fever AFTER he came home from his soccer game where he dominated with 5 goals! OK, he is 7, "dominated" may be a bit of an exaggeration. But, considering he had a fever all the while, "dominated" might actually fit what he did that morning.

*So, to recap, we had 4 visits to Urgent Care, 3 visits to the pharmacy, 3 sick boys, and 2 healthy girls last week. I pray it stops there!

Happy Monday!!!


Kmama said...

Oh man, you've been hit with the sickness bug in your house. Blech. I really hope it stops with just the men too!!

Jdaddy likes to cook and does most of the cooking in our house. He is a God-send. If he didn't do it, we'd probably eat out a lot more than we already do!

Pam said...

I hope all the kids get the sickies out of their system.

I love it when hubs cooks. The food tastes sooo much better when he makes it. (you know how a sandwich tastes better from a deli then from home?)

Go Bruiser...5 goals while sick! You rock!

Michelle said...

And quite possibly a partridge in a pair tree! Poor boys! And Mr. Nurse Boy didn't diagnose them all and then treat them? He is a nurse, right? K, just checking...

I totally agree about the cooking thing. It's stressful being a mom taking care of the kids and the house all day. What kind of stress can possibly come from being a nurse?! :)

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

EXACTLY, Michelle! What could possibly be so stressful about his day that he can't come home and whip up a fancy meal?! :-p


Mrs. NB

Anonymous said...

Now that I know about your attraction to the male cooking show hosts, I won't feel so bad about my instant crush on every woman I see mowing the lawn.


Mrsbear said...

If your kiddo could play an entire soccer game with a fever, he is indeed kicking butt! Hope the sickies don't cross over to the ladies. And hope the boys are on the mend.

When you made the statement about the yard work I thought the same thing. A cooking man! Now that's attractive. lol. Big delicious meals often end in the bedroom...where I will be sleeping off a food coma quite comfortably.

On Stage said...

We've been sick over here too. It really stinks! I hope you girls stay healthy.

Theresa said...

If Sir Nottaguy-Imadad is going to cook supper, it's guaranteed to be either omelets or soup & grilled cheese. He makes a mean omelet.

He & Me + 3 said...

Girl POWER! That is all I am going to say! Not really. oh yes a man that can cook...YUM. I didn't really mean it like that unless I am talking about my hubs...which I was. LOL
Throw out those blister flip flops and get some fun ones from Old Navy...they are cheap and colorful:)

Lauren said...

totally laughing about your male chef musings! I hope your men are feeling better soon!

Jewel said...

Wow....so sorry to hear you've had so much sickness at your house, Mrs. NB! I'll be praying for all of you and that you and sweet pea don't come down with it!
I always enjoy reading your random musings! :-)
And I kind of know what you mean about the male chefs. I've always thought Curtis Stone was pretty hubba hubba, but now I've watched him on Celebrity Apprentice and he is kind of foul-mouthed. *sigh* But he is so kind. :-)

Rachel said...

WOW! I hope everyone is healthy now! And that you get your wish of a man who cooks a meal - at least for your birthday??? Cuz I get royally enamored of my fella when he shows off in the kitchen!

Too funny about the yardwork part!

Boy Mom said...

Mr. NB, I love you! Your comment, hilarious!

Mrs. NB, Adorable Hubby cooks but, like any celebrity, demands a prop/prep girl to jump at his every command. Much easier to do it myself without all the drama.

Sorry for the sick, we have the puke/diarrhea thing going on here. Didn't that plague your spring break?

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

I feel dirty watching those cooking shows with the male chefs too. *sigh*