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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

I grew up with pets. We always had at least one dog and one cat during my childhood. I loved them. They were a source of comfort and a part of the family. But, now? I am not such a fan. We have a 19 year old cat whom Nurse Boy and I love and care for, but the kids find him to be a bit boring. Frankly, Mocha finds the kids to be a bit hyper.

Weekly, I am bombarded with questions of WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GET A DOG? Even my parents think I am depriving my children of that special bond a kid has with their pet. But, I refuse to waiver.

Most of the time.

This is Bailey. She is my parents' dog. Whenever we stop by their house, she greets us with a wagging tail and those sweet eyes. She is great with my kids and adores Nurse Boy. She does not help my case.

Until my parents go on vacation and leave her with us. Oh sure, everyone says they will help take care of Bailey when she stays with us. But, I am sure no one will be surprised to hear that I am the one who seems to do most of the work.

She spent last weekend with us. The boys spent the weekend trying to convince me that we need a dog just like Bailey, while I was the one getting up early in the morning and standing in the backyard with her late at night. While she is sweet, this weekend only confirmed my stance.

No more wavering for me.


10. I like to wear black on occasion and I prefer not to resemble a walking lint brush.

9. I don't need every knock at the door to be followed by uncontrollable barking. I have excellent hearing, thankyouverymuch.

8. I like my food to be hairless. No, I don't think it adds "protein." Call me crazy.

7. Paw prints on my kitchen floor make me batty.

6. Don't even get me started on MUDDY paw prints.

5. I don't want to discuss the top of the line dog foods and how the best diets create less "waste." I live with a GI nurse and 2 boys. We have enough "poop talk" around here. And, yes, I have heard dog lovers discuss this more than once. Ew!

4. I don't need to be startled by barking every. single. time. someone, something, or some car passes by the house.

3. I don't need someone else to live here that can't feed, bathe, or clean up after themselves.

2. I enjoy my fair share of leisurely walks through the neighborhood. I don't enjoy turning 10 shades of red when my dog leaves a "gift" on my neighbor's lawn while we are chatting about the weather. I mean, who wants to be THAT woman? And, NO!, I don't want to scoop the fresh "gift" into a bag and carry it around the neighborhood.

1. Despite every one's promises, pinky swears, and hand on a stack of Bibles, we all know who would be doing all of the feeding, watering, walking, petting, brushing, etc. I already have a house full.

Yes, Bailey is sweet. But, she doesn't live here. Thank goodness. ;0)


Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

How about #11. The only other object in my bed is my spouse. My wife convinced me to let Sparky the Wonder Dragon sleep with us. There are times his 15# body seems like a whole lot more.

Reading your list makes me think you've been spying on us.

Rachel said...

Sorry... but I actually snorted at #5 (the poop one). I hear ya!!!

We have "guest" dogs around here and I am perfectly content to enjoy them without picking up after them!

Though Bailey does look awful sweet!

(Speaking of pups: my parents just got TWO chocolate lab puppies last night... crazy!)

Theresa said...

I'm a dog lover. If I had my way we would have about 3 more dogs. (It would be a way to move Sparky out of our bedroom without trauma.) However, I'm a realist enough to know that I can't afford to feed and care for 3 more dogs.

Brandi said...

S.M.A.R.T. woman! Um #5... yeah, been there.

Ruby Red Slippers said...

I vote for the dog!!!
{maybe because I want someone to suffer like I am with a dog...wait, did I just write that?!}
We have our Lucy-there are days when she drives me nuts-Yes, she is my fourth child who doesn't listen when I say go sit on the naughty bench, she barks when someone knocks at the door, she makes me carry poop bags in my purse or pocket at all times...Yes.
However-she doesn't shed, she hates to go outside, so I have no muddy paws, and she LOVES to go places in the car with me.
She also watches my hubby play video games at night, and he was completely against getting the dog-and he puts out a blanket on a chair right next to him now...
The boys feed and water her, and do the poo in the yard, but you are right-she is mostly a mom's job...however-I find myself loving her more every day, and I don't mind the extra work. Most of the time. Some of the time...
Your boys may just surprise you-you never know...

Shana said...

Love this. Yes you are right you would be doing all the work. I know I do and it is a lot. Although I do like having a dog. It is a never ending war within myself lol.

Kmama said...

LOL We had two dogs until we put Sheba down last summer. I think we're done with dogs after Zoey passes, however, my hubby doesn't think the same. Grr.

Pam said...

I have a dog.

I agree with ALL the things on your list!!!


an encourager said...

Wise you are! I am not a pet person, though I did love my last cat, and now am in love with my pet dog, Mika... a German Shepherd/Coyote mix. She is a gem. She is a mess. She is work. She loves me. But, man, oh, man... pet hair has become my new carpet, and she's mostly an outdoors dog! Like your kids, they promised to care for pets, but the job always falls back on mom. It can't be helped, I think it's in our genes...and theirs! And... a cat that is 19-years-old. It loves you, because it is spending all its nine lives with you!!!! Yay for that!

He & Me + 3 said...

Why didn't i see this post like 6 months ago. Sheesh. The hair is enough to send me to the funny farm. Good grief it is horrible right now as she is shedding her winter coat. I vacuum everyday. UGh.
Stay strong my friend stay strong.

Michelle said...

I agree, whole heartedly. Except, I don't like dogs. It's just a matter of not wanting to take care of them, I flat out don't like them. Or any animal for that matter. Which is why when my husband begs and pleads and shows me pictures of cute animals at animal shelters who advertise they will be destroyed if they aren't adopted in the next 10 seconds, I say....NO!

Then I usually cave in with the understanding that I WILL NOT take care of another critter. Now we have 4 critters and I refuse to take care of any of them!!

Stay strong mama. Stay strong!

On Stage said...

Stick to your guns.

We have 2 dogs and 1 cat. It is completely insane at my house. The dogs bark constantly... at everything that moves, including the wind.

My neighbor came over to discuss (threaten me) yesterday about the barking situation. I offered to send her a case of wine to "take the edge off". She didn't think I was funny.

Honestly, my dogs bark no more than any other neighborhood dog. They are pampered and walked several times a day. They are indoor dogs and do not spend much time outside unless I am out with them.

Don't cause yourself stress. Having dogs along with kids is great, but it can also make you absolutely crazy.

Don't even ask me how many times a week I have to sweep the house!

Boy Mom said...

We adopted a dog for Christmas. All was well until the weather warmed by like 2 degrees and the shedding started.

I'm ready to drop him back off at the pound. Don't let those incredible eyes woo you.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

What? You don't want to step in dog poop at 3 a.m. on your way to the bathroom? Come on...it's refreshing. Wakes you right up. Four hours before you need to. It's super great. Really. Yeah.