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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bring It!

It is that time of year again.  The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the wind is mocking my hairdo, and the smell of sweaty shinguards is in the air.  Yes, soccer season is upon us again.  The van is loaded down with lawn chairs, stinky cleats, and empty Gatorade bottles.  Soccer balls are constantly rolling from the back of the van to the front every time I slam on the brakes.

Yep.  I am living the dream.  The Soccer Mom Dream.

Dimples has played on the same team with the same coach every year since he was 4 years old.  Each year the team looks a little different as we lose old players and gain new ones.  This year his age group has moved up to a new league and our beloved Coach Dave is following them.  The field is larger, as is the team.  Nurse Boy is thrilled to be assistant coaching this season.  I couldn't tell who was more excited to play the first game this fall: Nurse Boy or Dimples.

(I am pretty sure it was Nurse Boy.)

Dimples is a talented soccer player.  He loves to over analyse each play with Nurse Boy after the games.  He is fast and never afraid to hustle.  He is just as proud of each goal or assist he gets.  He is truly a team player.  It has been a pleasure to watch his love of soccer and team spirit blossom.

Bruiser has always been aggressive and quick.  His is our lefty, which throws off all of those inexperienced 7 years olds.  The boy has got game.  I love to watch him throw up his arms and celebrate his every goal.  He has a lot of promise.  Plus, he is always so sensitive when a player gets hurt on the field.  Aggressive and sensitive; that's our Bruiser.

This year Sweet Pea is thrilled to join in on all of the soccer fun.  But, in order to start the season off right, we had to get our Cinderella the perfect shoes.  (Duh!)

Of course, not just any cleats would do.

Unfortunately, the stomach bug attacked our princess the day of her very first soccer game.  Nurse Boy is also the assistant coach for her team.  I am pretty sure he couldn't have been more disappointed.  He thinks his little princess is going to show everyone of those 4 year old girls how it's done as soon as she and her pink cleats step onto the field.  I, however, think she is going to be fixing her ponytail and crying over chipped nail polish.  We shall see...

Nurse Boy and I both played soccer growing up.  It is so fun to watch our kids enjoy the very same sport.

Soccer, we are ready for you!  But, please, be kind to my hair.  It is not a fan of the wind and dirt.  Frankly, neither is my makeup.  I mean, a girl has to look good when her kids are scoring all of the goals.  ;0)


Tractor Mom said...

A good soccer mom always wears her baseball cap that supports her children's team! So don't let us down!!

Come by when you can...


Boy Mom said...

Muwahaha, The Wind Here,

My buddy dirt is nothing, wait till you meet my buddies Rain and Lightning. Our favorite look is 'Hot Messy Soccer Mom!' I believe Nurse Boy likes that look as well so grab another hunk of chocolate and go with it girl.


The Wind

I like the pink cleats so well I may have to convince #7 that he needs to come out of the closet with pink (SHH don't tell anyone) his second favorite color.

Oh how I'd love to take in a game with you.

Kmama said...

Good luck this season.

Soccer is so not our family sport. LOL

Together We Save said...

Oh soccer... we don't play that port anymore, but they still love softball, basketball, and horses.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

I can't wait to see her in all pink gear!!

Brandi said...

Do you have to camp out at the soccer field all day? Bubba played for several years, but we took a break 2 years ago (mainly b/c I was pregnant). Now that Lil' Bub is old enough to play, I can't imagine how that would work out... they'd be on different teams, different practice schedules, different game times on Saturday, etc. Blah.

LOVE the pinkalicious cleats. That Sweet Pea has style!

Suz said...

Hey there long time no comment, sorry. Can you say "LIFE!"

I am with you all the way. Folding chairs, umbrellas. Yeah soccer! Last Saturday we spent 4 hours at soccer games. I loved it, except when I got home, the dirty dishes and laundry were still there.

We got the exact same PINK clets. PINK sunglass too, PINK soccer socks.

Don't worry about your hair. Enjoy the game. Your kids will remeber that you were there, not what your hair looked like. Enjoy the soccer season