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Thursday, September 9, 2010


It is that time of the year again... 

The pools have officially closed.   (Boo-hoo!) 

On the bright side, my swimsuit is tucked away for another 9 months.  (Yipee!) 






the smell of


chlorine in our hair,

and all of the

good times.

Goodbye, Summer.  See you in 9 months!


Emily said...

Yep, we just said bye to the pool too. I'm not quite where you are yet...I think we over did the pool a little this year! ha!

Kmama said...

Oh wow!! Wherever you took those pics looks like a great place!! Such cute kids!

Shana said...

Aww, what sweet memories. We only have one pool around here and it is so full of thugs I would never take Blaze there. My mother-in-law used to have a huge above ground pool but when our niece was3 she fell in and drowned. She was gone and they brought her back 3 times and she was in the hospital for a long time but she fully recovered thank God. She is actually almost 17 now. Anyway, my father-in-law ran it down with the tractor. Yeah he was not dealing well. She was so mad when she came home and the pool was gone lol. She is a mess.

Boy Mom said...

I just didn't get enough pool time this summer. Thanks for rubbing it in.

I love pool pictures especially of such adorable kiddos.


Michelle said...

Awww... they are so stinkin' cute. It looks like a fabulous summer! If you ever need more summer, you're welcome to come my way. Summer lasts for about 9 months in these parts! :)