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Monday, October 18, 2010

A Perfect Fall Outing

Last Friday the boys didn't have school and Nurse Boy took the day off. We made it a family day and took the kids to a family-owned Pumpkin Patch. It was the perfect way to celebrate the beauty of fall! We took in some fresh air, got covered in dirt, selected the perfect pumpkins right off the vine, and ended the day with apple cider slushies.

Here they are at the beginning of the day... clean, calm, and cheerful.  (Except for the fact that Bruiser has his arms around Sweet Pea's throat.  Hmmm...)

 I love it when I get all those baby blues looking in my direction.

 They are simply crazy... and they come by it honestly!

Pumpkins and mums... don't they just scream FALL?!

They are keepers.  All three of them.

Leave it to the boys to find the hay bales.

Next, we ran through the maze of hay bales.

And, took a peek at the cows.

Bruiser was in heaven.  He practically rolled in the dirt.

The afternoon was capped off with a hayride out to the pumpkin patch where the kids searched for the perfect pumpkin to carry home.

With the help of that pumpkin, Dimples was officially taller than me.  I am afraid he won't need the help of a pumpkin come next year.

It was a wonderful day.  I am thrilled I got to spend it with four amazing people.


Rachel said...

Looks like so much fun! You have gorgeous children... do you hear that all the time? :)

Pam @ Kassie's Beach said...

Fun! Fun! Fun! Great family pictures. I loved these types of outings as a kid. We've had nothing but drizzle for the past week. It's blah!

Boy Mom said...

They are amazing and so are you! I'm going to have to follow your example soon, my porch is seriously in need of some pumpkins and mums.

What a beautiful fall you're having!

Shana said...

That looks like a beautiful and awesome day. Love all the pictures too!!

Jillian said...

Those are pretty cool hay bales!!

He & Me + 3 said...

HOw Fun! WE love all things fall and the pumpkin patch is one of our favorites. So much fun. Looks like your patch has alot to do. Your children are so beautiful. Hey where was the picture of you with your long hair? Come on let me see one.

Brandi said...

Awesome! Smart minds think alike... as you know, we were out frolicking in the hay and dirt over the weekend as well. Sweet Pea is adorable and looking so grown up, and the boys are handsome as ever. Great pics!

BTW, I left you a looooong comment on your last post the other day and then I got an 'error' message. Grrrr. I hate it when that happens. Sorry, but I was so defeated, I just left and didn't retype.

Anywho, that plant was most definitely clutter... and I would know. I'm the opposite of a hoarder. Which, I suppose, would be someone that despises clutter. I threw away Bubba's Venus Flytrap that sat on top of our fridge for months collecting dust. We didn't even have the joy of a stem and a leaf. Only a sad little pot of dirt.

Ok. There. I've made up for the loooong comment with an even longer one. :D

Tractor Mom said...

What a fun day!! We did it too this weekend--pictures to come later this week!

You forgot to bring home Charlie Brown...

Mammatalk said...

What a warm, cozy family memory!

Kmama said...

Looks like fun! We went to the pumpkin patch/cider mill this weekend too.

I'm jealous though, because our cider mill didn't have cider slushies.