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Friday, February 18, 2011

Love Was In the Air!

Valentine's Day has come and gone... and my blog has yet to be updated.  I love Valentine's Day.  It falls after that stupid month, January, and right before the promise of spring.  (Sweet Pea would say, "Stupid is NOT nice!" if she could read.  Since she can't, I'm going to stick with it and call January what it is... STUPID... stupid cold, stupid snowy, stupid dark, stupid long.)  I love to see the excitement of Valentine's Day through the eyes of my children.  I used to love it back before Nurse Boy was in school for very selfish reasons.  I had somehow convinced Nurse Boy that Valentine's Day should be NEVER be jewelry free.  I mean, after a long January I needed something that sparkled.  Sigh... those were the days!  We have a new tradition... it is a bit cheaper and I think Nurse Boy might be a big fan.

I'm pretty sure the only thing that will sparkle in my future are pink sprinkles.  Still, this box promises a private date, no kids, and special time with my hardworking husband.  (For the record, I still like sparkly things ;0)

For the past 2 years, the kids have made homemade valentines!  It makes my heart swell that they are excited about this tradition! 

Don't you wish you could rock this headband?!

Sweet Pea and I had a special date on Valentine's Day.  We headed to the mall to stuff her very own pink dog.  She loved the whole experience.  She helped stuff it...

and made a wish on it's new little heart.  She tenderly placed the heart inside the dog and watched it get stitched up.

Of course it needed a bath right away, only to be followed by a good brushing.

She named her Elizabeth.

Then we spotted Elizabeth's puppy... and what kind of people would we be to separate a mom and her baby?!

Then we headed over to the food court for a little lunch.  Sigh, I will miss Sweet Pea next year when she is partying with her classmates... I just might need something sparkly!

I love my little Valentines!!!!


Brandi said...

I don't know... I might choose those strawberries over something sparkly. In fact, in the right light, I bet those strawberries sparkle! ;)

Your date with Sweet Pea was perfect! She's such a cutie. Glad y'all had a nice Valentine's!

Shana said...

Oh how sweet. You make me want a little girl so badly. Oh well, I have a rugged, handsome little dude so I will be thankful for that. Love the photos so much and your kids are too cute for words. The strawberries look so yummy!

Anonymous said...

Does that make me your big valentine? Oh, and cubic zarconium sparkles!

Mr. Nurse Boy

Pam Bowers said...

Sparkly things fix everything! Those strawberries look like they might be able to fix a few things too. Like my empty stomach!

You'll have to make lots of memories this year with Sweet Pea to help carry you through next year.

Mrs. G-man said...

Hey there, I just LOVE your blog!! I love to go and read when you post new!! Thanks for checking up and reading my blog too. (which I just posted a new one yesterday. lol!) Anyway, looks like you guys had a great time!! Love the pics too! :)

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Oh so sweet! Your little one is just so cute! No...Sweet Pea. Tell Mr. Nurse Boy to knock it off. that's not funny! :-)

Seriously, those strawberries? A new tradition will begin next year for Hubby and I!

Jillian said...

I am not a fan of chocolate covered strawberries but those look YUMMY!!!