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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stir Crazy

We are getting ready to welcome our 3rd snow day this week, our 6th snow day this school year.

I need an IV of Diet Coke.... STAT!

Welcome to...

The Blizzard of Oz! 

It all started the other day when Bruiser told me about all the ways he could make it snow...

by turning his pajamas inside out, flushing ice cubes down the toilet, sleeping with a spoon under his pillow, and doing the Snow Dance.

Needless to say, his siblings immediately joined in on his wishful thinking.

I even had to make sure they didn't actually believe all of this nonsense.  They quickly reminded me that God makes it snow.  (God and I are going to have a chat about that one when I get to heaven.  Snow is pretty... about once a year.  I am sooo over it.)

Two days later, we woke up to a blizzard.  The city shut down and we started to feel like shutins.  Oh, the kids loved it.  Funny thing, they weren't out in the blizzard clearing the driveway or walkway.  They didn't change their socks and pants several times.  They didn't have snow blowing in their faces and taking their breath away.

The next day found us with around 10 inches of snow.  Oh, and a snowblower that stopped working partnered with a broken shovel. 

 Nonetheless, the kids were full of smiles...

and creativity!

 Bruiser has been baned from all of his snow tactics!

The snow piles are almost as tall as Sweet Pea.

OK, Spring... you are welcome to join us ANYTIME!!!


Rachel said...

Madly jealous! We have had ZERO snow, and I'm wishing for just a teensy bit! The kids look like they are loving it!

Kmama said...

We just got a ton of snow yesterday and today. We're having our second snow day in a row tomorrow. I think it's the fourth for Buddy this year already.

Theresa said...

Rachel, I would be happy to send you some of our snow, IF I could get it chiseled out! And I'd send some bitterly cold temperatures to go with it!

Mr. & Mrs. NB, I am soooo with you about being done with snow for the year. If I had my way, snow could take a 5 year hiatus!

Boy Mom said...

No snow here just wind and single digit temps.

Freakin' hate wind, but you can keep the snow, especially the snow days.

I'm flushing some daffodils down the toilet and doing the spring dance. s

Jewel said...

I dont' mind the snow but then I'm not housebound with three children either. :-)
I love the snow but more than the snow, I love the sunshine which is here in Ohio today!! It does help with these mid-winter blues! *whew*
You take such cute pictures of your kids, Mrs. NB!
Happy Winter! (yeah, right, hm?LOL)

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

I am with you! The stuff can go away! I much prefer nicer weather when I have a four year old to entertain!

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

Let me offer up a hearty "AMEN" to the phrase "I am sooo over it". If the Grinch decided to steal it all, I would help him pack it up.

Our grandson "The Boy" was doing the same things to insure a snow day.

We missed out on a lot of the snow. We got ICE instead. I need a pick-ax to clean off my sidewalk & driveway.