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Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday's Random Musings

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

So, it has taken me all day to post this...because it IS Monday. And, not just any Monday. The Monday after Thanksgiving. This is when we want to sit down and relax. However, this is when the festivities have only just begun. Yikes! This is often a time of much excitement and, well, STRESS!

So, I shall reflect on the last week.

**The boys had a little Thanksgiving program at school last week. Dimples has always been a ham. We noticed this trait around 4 weeks. No joke! Bruiser definitely hams it up one on one, but I had NO IDEA he was fearless in front of an audience. He had me in stitches as he proudly, and loudly, sang his songs and recited his poems. And, yes, I forgot the camera. Figures.

**I have always HATED stuffing with a passion. (Hey, were you expecting this to flow or something? It is titled "Random" for a reason. Stay with me.) Nothing that resembles a bucket of vomit should ever be placed on the table. Stuffing is dry, bland, and has mysterious things smashed together. However, my mother has been on a quest to make stuffing that I would like for many years. I really don't know why she bothered, but she did it! Her stuffing is amazing. It is moist, a little sweet, and she even puts the onions in the blender for me before placing them in the stuffing. I know, it sounds like I am twelve. I have always hated the texture of onions. Crunching into them is g-r-o-s-s. The flavor isn't so bad. The crunch is awful. My mom has perfected stuffing. It is even wonderful without the gravy.

**Why do mashed potatoes and gravy taste so good on Thanksgiving? Honestly, on any other day, I could take them or leave them. But, on Thanksgiving, they melt in my mouth.

**My grandmother taught me how to make a homemade apple pie when I was a young teen. Every year after that, I made the apple pies on Thanksgiving and Christmas. She acted like she was passing down a privilege that required much talent. Hindsight, she wanted someone else to make the apple pies. I took the bait and am still making the apple pies. I pride myself in the large quantities of cinnamon and sugar mixed with butter and apple goodness. No recipe, just the right amount of everything. OK, so I have been known to place a few questionable pies on the table. My biggest fans are my husband and my father. They will devourer whatever apple pie I place before them. You see, they are fans of the cinnamon. Martha Stewart thinks she is living on the edge when see puts TWO TABLESPOONS of cinnamon in her apple pie. All I am saying is she ain't seen nothing yet! Truth be told, I can't wait to teach all of my children the art of making the perfect apple pie. Not that I hit perfect every year. Wait a minute, yes I do. Just ask my husband and my father.

**Lastly, why must my children ask for dinner on the night of Thanksgiving?! Do they not know that the Thanksgiving meal in the afternoon is the ONLY meal served that day. You are to eat until you need to unbutton your pants. Then have some apple pie. With ice cream. And, DO NOT ask to eat another thing until Saturday morning. I honestly thought I was going to be sick while I pondered what I was going to fix them for "dinner." OK, so maybe the kids are the ones who have it right. After all, they can all still button their pants.

OK, so I did it. I actually got today's post in. We have something going on EVERY night this week for the next 6 days. I love the excitement, but I don't want to be this busy! So, here's hoping we all survive the craziness of this week and find sometime to enjoy being together!


Boy Mom said...

Love this post, random perfection.

I'm totally with you on the dinner on Thanksgiving day thing. I even warned my kiddos, but alas, they insisted on cereal for dinner.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

WHY didn't I think of cereal?!?! I WIL remember that for Christmas day...

Mrs. Nurse Boy