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Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday's Random Musings

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

Well, it is Monday and I am tired. My house is a mess. My kids are crabby. I am no sweetheart, either. I must also mention that the laundry is piled oh-so-high. That alone really puts me in a sunshiny mood. Yep, gotta love the mounds of laundry on a Monday morning.

Obviously, I can't be expected to put together one coherent, flowing post. So, here are my random thoughts:


Scotch Tape: Why can I NEVER find it when I need it? Why is the roll ALWAYS empty? Why is a 6 pack NEVER enough?

Oh, wait. I just saw Dimple's latest art project.

Never mind.
Note to self: Buy scotch tape in bulk.
My kids continue to amaze me with what they are willing to dip in ketchup. Apple slices... Really?
Nurse Boy asked me the other day, "Why does my hat smell like shrimp?" (Hey, I do random thoughts, he does random questions.) GROSS!
If I find a dollar bill (otherwise known as someones allowance) in one of my boys' pockets while I am pulling the clothes out of the dryer, is it wrong for me to put it in my pocket to use it to pay them their allowance next week? Isn't that called recycling? I am just trying to be environmentally friendly, don't ya know.
Yes, I am cheap. I can own it.
The other day Bruiser was in the living room watching a show about a boy who found an abandoned baby bird. The boy apparently nursed the bird to health and eventually had to release it back into the wild. Bruiser came into my room and relayed the story to me through teary eyes. We were having a moment. We can both be a little emotional. We both pretend we are tough, but we have mushy, gushy insides. I pulled him close to give him a hug and reassure him that it was just pretend. Suddenly he stopped crying as he spyed two Dove chocolates on my nightstand and said, "CHOCOLATE! Can I have some?!"

Yep, he really is my son.
When baking cookies or bread, if you eat the batter it doesn't count, right? As in, it is calorie free, since it isn't even cooked yet, RIGHT?! We will call this one a rhetorical question so you all don't ruin it for me.
Why can't my kids brush their teeth the first time I ask? EVER. No wonder they think I am a broken record... I AM!
Having a random day, too? Join me in the comments or with a post of your own!


Queen to my 3 Boys said...

Cookie dough?

Totally calorie-free.

But don't ask me...have you seen my belly lately?

Now go do some laundry and clean up first thing. It'll be outta the way and your day will get better.

...then you can come start on my mess for me. *wink*

On Stage said...

Love your random thoughts. You are so creative =)

I agree about the ketchup... kids will dip ANYTHING in it!

Jewel said...

Yes...absolutely...if it isn't cooked or baked...it is calorie-free!!!!
Since there has just been, at the most, three of us in our household...I've seldom had MOUNDS of laundry. The only times were when Daniel came home from church camp and then I was so happy to have him home that I gladly did the laundry, though, most often, I did make him help!
AND when Daniel was still home, it wasn't just scotch tape that was always missing or we were completely out of! It was the whole gamut of tapes....electrical, masking, duct, scotch! But, all in all, it was pretty inexpensive play stuff for him! And oh, was he creative!! :-)
AND everytime Daniel would watch...oh..er...now I forget the name of the movie. It was a little kids animated movie about dinosaurs, where the little dinosaur thinks his mommy is dead but she isn't really. They are reunited in the end. Well, Daniel would just cry EVERY time he watched this movie even though he knew the ending. *sigh* What a mother goes through....I would have to comfort every time. *smile* It was so precious.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

I scheduled my random post for later today. I was late on it and might have a few more random thoughts to add so I scheduled it for later. When I'm not working of course. Unlike right now. . . um...so anyhow.

I need to develop a button for you or something. That would be fun.

Your kids seriously crack me up. they are such sweethearts! Crying over the movie?! So sensitive! Asking for the chocolate?! So like me. I love that Bruiser. *sigh*

Laundry? Why did you mention that word. Mine is piled so high right now it is not even funny. No. It's not. Don't laugh.

Kari said...

I have scotch tape problems too :o) As for the sensitive kid - my daughter bawled for an hour last week while watching Benji. What made her stop - an oreo :o)

Deb said...

I am really with you on the scotch tape. And we caught the end of King Kong on tv the other night, and Princess sobbed, "The poor monkey, that poor big monkey...maybe some ice cream would help him feel better..."

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

My MIL used to hoard scotch tape when she lived with us. If a roll was left out, it became her's. We had to start hiding it.

As for the money laundering, at our house the rule was that anything that was left in the pockets belonged to the person doing the laundry. The kids learned to check the pockets.

Theresa said...

Our grandson has been known to dip his chicken nuggets and fries in caramel sauce at McD's. If it can be dipped, and there is something semi-liquid, he'll try it. (Ever had peanut butter cookies dipped in sweet peppermint tea??? Yeah, another one of his tries.)

Mother Mayhem said...

Doing laundry here today too. It's made more fun by the fact that I have to hold the lid of the washer down during the rinse/spin cycle. I keep thinking of those old exercise machines with the belt on them...

Mummy McTavish said...

Could your kids be any sweeter? What a sensitive little Bruiser.

I collect the $$ that end up in the bottom of the machine. I pile them up on the laundry tub... when there's enough to buy a coffee I call it payment for doing the laundry. I was getting close to a coffee... Wolf put a load through for me... yeah, you know where this is going... next time I went in there my stash was gone. He claims it was totally justified because he probably used it to buy milk or bread or something to keep the family alive... I say my Gloria Jeans coffee serves the same purpose, I can be kind of unpleasent if I don't get caffiene. It takes months to accumulate that much laundry change and he wasted it on bread and milk!

If I was a handymummy I would pull the machine apart and get the $2 coin out that fell down the centre... I couldn't believe it when that happened... I never get anything that big out of pockets and I lost it!

Perhaps I should have written my own post... I think I will about the lizard egg that your randomness brought to my mind.

My mum gave my nephew a packet of sticky tape for christmas one year (among other things). He said it was his favourite present!

Boy Mom said...

Laundry money is mine all mine (insert evil laugh. Check your pockets boys, that's all mamma has to say about that.

Love those tender chocolate loving boys.

ketchup is a food group at boy house.

I wish I had bought stock in Scotch Tape when #1 was born, I'd be rich.

Rhetorical...cool word.

So why did Nurse Boys hat smell like shrimp? Or is that another rhetorical?

I think it's in their contract. Kids can't do anything the first time they're asked, ever.

Love your random Mondays!!!!!

Christina@ingallslife said...

our oldest likes to dip her grapes in ranch dressing. i think it is just the fun of dipping. and little girl? eats katsup with a spoon, and she is only 21 months...oy!
thanks for your lovely comments and for "visiting" me. hope your week is great!

Suz said...

I totally agree:

Never can find the scotch tape.

The laundry is never done, just as simple as that, unless you can get everyone to hang out nakey for a few hours or days.

What ends up in the bottom of the washer or dryer is," mine, ALL MINE!" Yes, even the love notes written to the teenage boys. We are a loud to read those, RIGHT? It is part of our parental duties. They make me laugh. I do give back homework assignments if they are still ledgible. I hate checking pockets. Have been burned a few times with chapstick, pens and gum, argh.

I don't even know why I cook the cookie dough. All the mouths in our house love the dough best. Less dishes too, a few spoons compared to washing cookie sheets, thats a no brainer there. Unfortunately they just as well not use a spoon either.

We are suposed to tell them to brush their teeth. ;)

Thanks for the thoughts