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Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday's Random Musings

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

It is Monday, so I am going to dust off the ol' blog and share some of my random thoughts about our broken spring. It was such a long, cold, snowy winter that I just can't believe that spring isn't cooperating. That is, until this week. At least that is what they are forecasting this week. Rumor has it that spring will finally arrive. But, honestly, what do they know anyway?

Time will tell.

In the meantime, I will share some randomness with you...

* Despite all of my protests, it can snow in spring. We got 9 inches on the first day of spring. How rude!

* Soccer season officially began 2 weeks ago. Our boys have yet to play a single game. Spring hates us and keeps raining or snowing on our fields.

* My flip flops still haven't seen the light of day.

* I LOVE to wear flip flops, but they are still collecting dust in my closet due to the cool weather. I miss them more than you know.

* My toes haven't seen the light of day since November.

* Must get a pedicure. SOON.

* I always know it is officially spring in my home when I spot muddy footprints starting at the front door and leading all the way up the stairs to the boys' room.

* We NEVER wear shoes in the house.

* Of course, the ONLY time the kids break that rule is when their shoes are COVERED with mud.

* You may think we have that rule because we have nice carpet in our home. Ya know, clean and well maintained. I wish. But, one time we were at the soccer fields when I witnessed a boy throwing up on the sidelines. During the next hour I must have watched 80 people (unknowingly) walk right through the vomit. Now I mean business when I tell my kids to take those bad boys off! They really have NO idea where those shoes have been. Yuck!

Happy Monday! Here's hoping I can dust off my flip flops this week!


Michelle said...

I'll send you some of my sunshine! Actually, you can have most of it because we just have too much of it.

Hoping you get to dust those flip flops off VERY soon!

Kmama said...

We're supposed to hit 77 on Friday!! I can't believe it!

Shana said...

EEwwww. I totally understand the no shoes in the house thing. I try to get hubby not to wear them n the house because we have horses and walking through a horse pasture lends itself to unsavory things on your shoes. But he doesn't listen. men.

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

I was once the kid throwing up on the sideline (actually the first base foul line). NOBODY overran first base after that during that game.

He & Me + 3 said...

It is supposed to get to 70 here by the weekend. I am so excited...but I must get a pedicure too. Like yesterday. Yuck to snow the first day of spring. Boo! hope you get to play some soccer soon.

Suz said...

I pray for sun, for you a me!!!

We should get together for our pedicures. Maybe there is a place we can meet half way; ya right just day dreaming, huh? That would be an expensive pedicure!

Smart shoe rule. I need to take off my work shoes right when I get home. Who knows what I have been walking in at the hospital.

Cancel soccer games, what you have to be kiddin'. Never done here, we play rain, snow or shine.



Chrisi and Silas said...

bout time you made your way back to bloogy world....i've been missing you!!! hope the weather there gets a little better soon! we're supposed to get in the 70-80's this weekend! perfect timing for an egg hunt!!!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

My Lord, woman...I have to pay more attention to where you live. No matter where it is, I don't want to live there. 9 inches on the first day of spring? Wait...that might have been the same for us...let me think back..er...no....you must live in a frozen hell. :-)

Jewel said...

Hi Mrs. NB!! It is so good to see you here blogging!! I've missed you!
Oh yuckkkkkkk about all those shoes walking right through the crud! I may have to start taking my shoes off, though I do wipe my feet really well. :-)
The weather finally turned beautiful and spring-like here this week! Yayyyy!!!
Have a wonderful Easter with your sweet family! ((HUGS))

Boy Mom said...

I hope spring arrives here for our spring break next week. I have a couple days off and am hoping that Suz and I can have some fun with our Rug Rats that doesn't involve sledding. It snowed yesterday!

I did go buy sandals for #6 and #7 so I probably cursed the whole state with three more weeks of snow and cold.

And, speaking of buying sandals and flip flops and such...what kind of flip-flops do you buy, I need some pictures. I don't have a shoe thing except for flip-flops and I'd love to know your style.

Hope spring makes your Easter Weekend Blessed.

Love Ya,


Brandi said...

We have a no shoes rule too. I wish the dogs had shoes that I could make them take off. Every spring... muddy paws. HATE it!

Hope you get to dust off those flip flops soon!! :)

Mummy McTavish said...

I got my first pedicure EVER last week so my feet looked pretty for the wedding... I thought of you, desperate for pedicured feet weather. I keep telling you to move here, I can guarantee it would NEVER snow in spring... never mind that we don't actually have spring but it would just never snow at all. flip flops all year round!