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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Things That Make Me Smile


(Spring Break~ Day 4)

Time to bring on the NEW SHOES SONG!!!
New shoes, new shoes. How do ya like my new shoes?

New shoes, new shoes. We really like your new shoes!

Something about new shoes just makes you want to dance and sing.

And, show your mother that these shoes can make you run sooooooo much faster.

Or, in Dimples's case, make you look sooooo much "cooler."

No matter what, new shoes put a smile on my face. By the looks of it, they put a smile on their faces too!


Michelle said...

ooo, I like new shoes too! So cute that Dimples think they make him look cooler. That's what Gary would say too!

I like buying new tooth brushes. Does that make me weird?

Imperfect Mom said...

By the way, just so you know, the more expensive the shoe, the faster you can run. If it comes with a free flashlight, EVEN FASTER. AND IN THE DARK!

Shana said...

Heck yeah! I love some new shoes. I just had to buy Blaze a new pair the other day...again. This kid has some big feet. I had to buy 11. Is that normal for a 2.5 yr old?? But he is also 40 inches tall so I guess the feet match the body. I am loving your spring break posts. Thank you for the prayers for Lil' D. He is home and we are going to see him in a little while.

Brandi said...

New shoes are the best... and so are those smiles!!! :)

Suz said...

Your kids would smile if they bare foot. The shoes do look great!

I think new socks is better, I just love the feeling. But warm weather is coming who needs the socks.



Ruby Red Slippers said...

So funny-my boys also think new shoes make them run faster!
(I am posting the pb cookie recipe on Monday...just to let you know-)

Rachel said...

That had me smiling too!

Did SweetPea get some? :)

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh we love to shoe shop. It is an addiction. Great new shoes.

Mrsbear said...

I have to admit, there is something promising in a pair of new shoes. Ditto a new box of crayons. Your boys are so handsome, BTW.

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

I believe that it has been scientifically proven that a new pair of shoes can and will make you run faster, jump higher and be cooler. At least it was until the scientist "misplaced" their findings.

Kmama said...

I LOVE new shoes...even if they aren't mine. Buying the boys shoes makes me happy!!

Buddy always wants to show me how fast he can run and how high he can jump. LOL