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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Don't Judge Me

Once upon a time, in a world that was all blue and filled with little boys covered in mud, I promised that I would never buy my children one of those motorized peddle cars. You know the ones: Crazy expensive, two seater, adorable, and goes up to 5 miles per hour at the press of the peddle. I mean, how ridiculous is that?! If my boys were outside playing, they needed to be peddling. And, by peddling, I mean moving those chubby little legs as fast as they could go. There is nothing wrong with some good, old fashioned exercise!

Oh, the boys begged and pleaded more times than I could count. But, it was like my heart was made of stone. No matter how far they stuck out their bottom lip, I wasn't compromising. Not. One. Bit.

Years later, some pink entered my life. I was older (and, one would think, wiser). Our little princess was about to turn 4. She hardly needed another doll or frilly dress. I had no idea what to add to her pink little world.

That is, until I set my eyes on this sparkly gem:

I mean, how could I pass up this pink dream?! It has it's own radio, a seat for a BFF, and I was sure Sweet Pea would be entertained for hours. I am certain my instant love had NOTHNG to do with my childhood dream to drive around in my own pink car. (Which NEVER happened, I might add. Not that I am still bitter about it or anything.) Imagine my delight when I watched Nurse Boy's eyes light up when he saw the Princess Toyota.

Yes, we are suckers.

On her birthday, we presented her with what we thought was the most amazing birthday present. However, as soon as she pressed the peddle, the car jumped and scared her to death. She started to whimper and asked us to take it back to the store.


We were determined to get her used to this pink dream of mine...er... I mean, hers. The boys would drive her around. When they would ask her to drive, she was out of there.

Finally, about a month later, I found her doing this:

All by herself.

It really is ridiculous.

But, it is also stinkin' cute.

I think we need prayers for wisdom when she turns 16! If we got her this when she turned 4, I can only imagine what we will think is cute on her 16th birthday. (I never did get that convertible I always wanted. I'm just sayin'.)

Something tells me she will live happily ever after.


Jillian said...

Oh my goodness:)

Brandi said...

So cute! My parents got Lil' Bub a Lightning McQueen when he turned 2 (and, miraculously, he took right to it). Unlike Bubba who got a jeep for his 3rd bday and couldn't find the coordination to steer it to save his life. I remember wanting one SO bad when I was a kid... probably why I thought my kids needed to have one. ;)

Jewel said...

Well, we resisted getting Daniel and motorized car when he was little BUT when he turned 16...yep, we bought him a car. Not a new one, mind you, but it was a very nice red Cavalier. :-) The toys do get more expensive as they age! Thank goodness he is buying his own now! :-)
Sweet Pea looks adorable in her new wheels! :-)

Jewel said...

Well, we resisted getting Daniel and motorized car when he was little BUT when he turned 16...yep, we bought him a car. Not a new one, mind you, but it was a very nice red Cavalier. :-) The toys do get more expensive as they age! Thank goodness he is buying his own now! :-)
Sweet Pea looks adorable in her new wheels! :-)

Michelle said...

Aww, she does make a cute little driver though. Did the boys throw a fit when she opened her gift? Oh, who am I kidding? You're boys are awesome. They'd never do that! :)

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I wanted to murder her when she would not drive her care around at first. Now she will drive it around the block on our walks. She will even put it in high gear now! The boys were a little jealous at first, but nothing a "life isn't fair now get over yourself" talk can't fix. I am a little worried that the "Toyota's" accelerator will stick and she will lumber slowly into unsuspecting bystanders some day.


Pam @ Kassie's Beach said...

Sweet! (I always wanted one too and never got it) I'm glad she came around and likes it now.

On Stage said...

That's awesome! My Claudia would love one of those too. Glad to see you're back to writing!

Kmama said...

So cute (even though it's a Toyota...Jdaddy works for GM).

We have two ride-on vehicles for our boys. They have so much fun with them.

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Very, very cute!
I want one!!!
Crazy, but our neighbors gave our boys theirs-they all have loved it-
and it was something we weren't going to buy as well...

Michelle Faith said...

Yes to much, but I'm sure I'll be doing the same for my daughter in a few years.
My boys never got a powerwheels and I always bad mouthed the chick down the street for buying one for her kid....Like he needs that!
Love your fun blog, found you thew "Michelle\Boytraped" and now following ya.

Rachel said...


I'm dying here!

Because I TOTALLY wanted one of those when I was a little kid. I mean, I had a rockin' Big Wheel, but nothing motorized and cool like that!

And I am TOTALLY in the same boat! Itty Bit started out with a motorized John Deere tractor for his second birthday and the thing scared him to death and destroyed half our landscaping (it still terrifies the horse when she sees it).

Then he got a hand-me-down kid quad that he is outgrowing.

You can imagine what he wanted for his recent 4th birthday. And I cannot believe I actually considered it until I realized that we were talking about spending over a thousand smackers for a FOUR YEAR OLD.


I'm too scared of what he'll think he deserves when he's 16, hee hee!

Thanks so much for this - I thought I was the only one! :)

Boy Mom said...

The good Lord knew what he was doing when he kept pink and frilly out of my life. I can't even imagine the lengths of pink I'd go to.

You two are so cute.

Shana said...

I know I commented on this the other day. I don't know what my comments are disappearing. SOrry. I love the car and she looks like she finally loves it too. I came by to tell you that you won the sugar free ring pops and I need you to email me through my profile please with your shipping info. I will be shipping these out so they probably won't go in the mail till tomorrow or MOnday. Thank you so much for stopping by and entering and just for coming by and being a great follower.

Kari said...

I swore I'd never get one for my kids. Ended up buying Bella the Jeep Power Wheels ($500.00 buckaroos) when she was 3. Couldn't resist. That thing has had more use out of it than any other purchase we have made. Now Scout is using it too.

I love the pink one for Sweet Pea! She looks adorable :o)