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Monday, June 21, 2010

Mondays Random Musings

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

It is Monday, so it must be time for some random thoughts...

**Why is it that every single time I decide to grow my hair out, I can't actually follow through with my decision?  I can't stand that in between stage.

**I am determined to make it through this summer without a haircut.  Brace yourselves, it ain't going to be pretty.  (My hair, that is.)

**I took Dimples to the dentist today.  Braces are in our very near future.  I don't even want to see that receipt.

**Bruiser will also need braces, so no relief there.

**Sweet Pea, you are my only hope!  Come on, permanent teeth, GROW IN STRAIGHT!

**At the dentist office, I indulged in a little reading.  I found myself reading an article about how actress,  Jennifer Love Hewitt, went from fat to fit.  Ohhhhh pleeaassee!!!!

**I pray Sweet Pea never reads a ridiculous article like that one.  I am determined to not pass on my own body image issues to here.  She will always be beautiful to me!

**How is it that I can find the time to paint my fingernails, yet I never seem to find the time to REMOVE the polish when it is chipped and looking gross?

**My van is (finally!) in the shop and I am cruising around in a brand new rental.  I have never hated my van more.  Mini vans have come a long way in the last 11 years!

**I just found an open bottle of glue on my couch.  I don't even want to know.

**I love this time of year when we can eat juicy watermelon all the time.  However, my kids have an amazing gift of covering my entire kitchen in sweet, sticky watermelon juice, no matter what threats I throw their way.  I won't even go into the stains on their clothing!

**Maybe I am not such a fan of watermelon, after all.

Happy Monday... and, remember to come back on Wednesday for a fabulous giveaway!!


Boy Mom said...

Wanta know something weird? I am missing you today. I was just thinking, "Wow, we need to have the Nurse Boys over for a BBQ on Adorable Hubbies fathers day grill. We haven't seen them in forever." To bad one of us doesn't live on a runway and drive a leer jet.

I'm needing some lawn chairs for the back yard and was thinking of that chair you painted for the school auction. Then I thought I'd get two of them and Suz and I
would paint them. That thought evolved into inviting you over to paint chairs with us. I can picture Lil, Sweet Pea and #7 playing while we three giggled and painted. Then while we were cleaning up we'd break out the finger nail polish and clean up your nails and my nasty toes.

I love feeling this close to someone I've never met in real time. I just wish we could figure out that meeting.

So, hope you don't think me to weird.

Love your random Mondays!

He & Me + 3 said...

I dont' even want to try out a new mini van. I might mortgage the house to get a new one. LOL
I am trying to grow my hair out too...it isn't pretty either. Grrr. I will go all summer if you will. Let's make a pack.

Jewel said...

I feel similar to what BoyMom feels, too, Mrs. NB....like we are truly friends though we've never met in real life!
I feel like we could have lunch and talk forever about our kids and lives and food! LOL
AND I miss you, too, when you don't post for a long time! I mean I can handle Monday randomness and Friday Fare but if you are gone longer than that! AND I am not weird! :-)

Anywayyy.....enjoy that new vehicle while you have it!!
Oh,and I loooove watermelon, too but not the mess so much. I most generally cut up the whole melon into chunks and put it in a big sealable bowl in the fridge which helps to control the sticky watermelon juice trail, somewhat! :-)
Good luck with growing your hair out! That IS a tough one!!

an encourager said...

I laughed all the way through it, and of course my brain made comments and gave advice to you all along the way... wish I could remember them!!! Oh, I know one... the watermelon. It's one of my favorite summertime enjoyments, too. So, my advice: after they finish their watermelon, hand them washcloths or paper towels and say, "Oops, spilled some." They'll get sick enough of cleaning, or.... maybe they'll discover a great love for it and give you an entire summer off. LOL!

Pam @ Kassie's Beach said...

I love all your tidbits. It feels like I just had a nice long phone conversation with you. I am right there with you on the nail polish. No problem going on but I will sometimes wear the chipped look till it grows out.

Ruby Red Slippers said...

I am growing my hair out too!!!
And I have major chipped nails-
Watermelon is great...out on our deck! :)
Happy Summer to you~

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

You simply make the kids eat the watermelon outside and they can't come back inside the house if they are sticky. Even if they have to hose each other off first.

When was J.L.H. ever fat? It seems like if you are larger than a blade of grass, Hollwood considers you fat. Puleeze!!!

Brandi said...

Oy, braces! Bubba is going to need them as well. Probably Lil' Bub too, as he STILL sucks his thumb... although my brother sucked his thumb until he was 7 and he has the most amazingly perfectly straight teeth you'll ever see. They're so perfect they don't look real. *shrug*

We called to make an appointment and see what our dental insurance covered. $149 a month and that's WITH insurance. The nice receptionist was quick to point out that kids nowadays only have to wear braces for 6 mo. to a year, unlike back in the day when kids had to wear them 3 or more years. Yeah, I could have slapped her through the phone.

Happy hair growing. Once it's long enough to put in a ponytail, you've got it made!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

One question..was Jennifer Love Hewitt ever fat? And now she is so skinny she looks like a bobble head.

Just saying.

Yeah, I won't go into the dentist stuff with our kid...We've already paid that lady $2,000 or more and he isn't even four!

Michelle said...

I have that same problem with my hair. I hate the 'inbetween' stages when it gets frizzy and icky. I don't even bother trying to grow it out anymore.

Good for you for not passing on your body issues to Sweet Pea. There's enought self esteem issues in women, we don't need to pass on our own! :) And for the record, I think you're beautiful!

Shana said...

You cracked me up with the comment about the watermelon. It is so good but so messy. I love the new minivans too. You are right they have came a long way. I used to say I would never drive one but I would now.

Mummy McTavish said...

Watermelon is an outside toy... er, food. I guess it is a toy if you count the seed spitting competitions... they don't go so well in the kitchen. I love seed spitting competitions... Did you write about anything else? I'm too distracted thinking about spitting watermelon seeds at the back of my kids heads and telling them it's birds dropping things on them :-)