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Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday's Random Musings

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

It is Monday, so it must be some time for randomness... and, taking back my house from all of our weekend messiness... and, sleep.  Sweet, sweet sleep. You and I did not spent enough time together this weekend.

*Why is my purse everyone else's trash receptacle?

*It is embarrassing just how much trash can be found at the bottom of my purse at any given moment.

*Why is it that every. single. time. a sales associate assures me that my wait won't be long "at all"... they are LYING?!  Not only will it be long, but I might even need to schedule an appointment to cover up my grays immediately following my wait.

*Why are my children unable to keep track of an entire pair of flip flops?  We seem to have little orphaned flip flops all over the place, but no one is able to find a matching pair.  Bruiser even tried to sneak out of the house with 2 different colors on his feet.

*My daughter is obsessed with chewing gum.  It is currently my bribe of choice.  Not that I would ever resort to bribery.  Nope.  That would be poor parenting.

*My children have NO idea there is a snack bar at the public pool.  I pray they never make that discovery.

*Nurse Boy and I have been asked to be on a local radio show.  HELLO anxiety!!!  Nurse Boy is thrilled and I am just hoping I don't hurl on air.  YIKES!

*One of my friends called this morning and asked to take the boys for the afternoon.  I love her!

*What is up with old men wearing shorts with knee-high socks?!  At what age do you decide that is an approved look to wear out in public? 

*Today I even spotted an older gentleman with tan shorts, white knee-high socks, and brown dress shoes.  I can't make this stuff up, people!!

Well, I need to go buy some more gum... it seems I am out.

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Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

It seems like moms have a habit of accepting their kid's trash so the kid won't throw it on the ground. My mom did it all the time.

Sales associates are paid to tell you what you want to hear, aka lie.

I used to be the guy who delivered the goodies to the swimming pool snack bar.

I hope I never reach an acceptable age to wear shorts with knee-high socks. I HATE knee-high socks.

Theresa said...

One of the moms I know, bought only solid colored flip-flops for her children. Each child was assigned a color. Each child received 3 prs. She didn't care how many they lost, but if they couldn't find a left and a right, they had to wear shoes and socks. It didn't take the kiddos long to learn to keep track of at least one complete pair each.

He & Me + 3 said...

How is it that your kids haven't discovered the snack bar? My oldest sniffs out snacks everywhere. lOL
My purse is a disaster too. Thank God it is not an indication of how my house looks.

Rachel said...

RADIO SHOW?!?! Do tell! That sounds totally exciting (I mean, even for a deaf person like me, LOL :)

And I'm laughing about the shorts and socks thing... because it drives me nuts that Mr. Daddy thinks that socks and sandals go together...! I think it's just a GUY thing! (Sorry Mr. Nurse Boy!)

an encourager said...

I'm in love with the old man and his white knee highs and tan shorts. Wanna know why? :) Because I'm betting he is just out there enjoying the breeze, waaay past the age of peer pressure or caring what anyone thinks. That's just about the only thing, that I can see, that is good about aging.I love him because he doesn't care. Yayyayayay. I'm still working on that people-pleasing part of my life, but heck... maybe I just need to wait till I'm older. lol (What will you and NB be talking about on your local radio??? Fun!)

Brandi said...

Well, I can't make fun of the knee socks because I have been known to frequent Wal-Mart in my 'lounge wear' (a/k/a pj's)... I can only hope Daddy Bub doesn't pick up the knee sock habit when he's older or we'll make quite a pair!

My kids do the SAME thing w/flip flops. Drives me crrrraaaazzzy!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Recently Jonathan has also been obsessed with gum..and I've found myself bribing with it as well. Thank God I am not alone. Oh dear!