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Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday's Random Musings

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

So, on Friday I mentioned that Nurse Boy and I had a romantic weekend planned to celebrate 12 years of wedded bliss. I know what you are thinking... we couldn't possibly be old enough to have been married for 12 years. What can I say? We were 10. Oh, I kid. We are just old. Anyway, I came down with STREP. Not so romantic. We changed all of our plans and are hoping next weekend will be filled with sleep, room service, and, well, NO KIDS. Love them, but they kind of get in the way of the whole sleep thing. And, I like me some sleep every now and then.

Nurse Boy agreed to do my Monday post, but since I am keeping close to my pillow and blanket today while waiting for my antibiotics to decide to kick in, he has had a Honey Do list a mile long. Is it wrong that I love it when he gets a little taste of my life? Don't get me wrong, he is VERY supportive. However, he has been dreaming of a nap all day and hasn't found the time to fit one in...THAT IS MY LIFE! He just left for the basketball carpool and informed me that I must find time to blog because there aren't enough hours in his day.

You are preaching to the choir, Nurse Boy! Preaching to the choir!

Since I am in a cloudy state of antibiotics, ibuprofen, and lack of sleep minus energy, you will truly get a taste of my random thoughts for the past week.

**It is no secret that I LOVE me some Clean House! Just today, while sitting on the couch and trying not to swallow my own saliva, I noticed my sorry shelf of books. It really is a mess. On Clean House, Mark turns bookshelves into works of art. He has some books horizontal and some vertical. When he is finished, it looks classy and clutter free. I picked my sorry self up and got to work. First, I filled my lungs with dust. Oh. The. Dust. Next, I sorted by size and set some books aside for my spring garage sale. Then, I became master of the design. The result? I apparently am NOT a master of design. It still looks like a messy bookshelf. Would someone PLEASE nominate me for Clean House?!

**This weekend we ventured out of bed while it was still dark out to go watch Bruiser dominate at basketball. And, by "dominate," I mean spin around the court not at all aware of what game he is playing or if anyone else is on the court with him. However, they are all kindergartners, and none of them really knows what is going on. My favorite quote from the weekend came from an innocent kindergartner. Not mine, mind you. He was spinning. Another little boy walked up to the ref with big eyes and a sweet smile and said, "I like your stripes!" How precious is that?! We have been laughing about that all weekend!

**Today I worked up the courage to go to Urgent Care and get some meds. You see, I have had a sore throat since Wednesday, but I was sure it wasn't strep. Last night, I begged Nurse Boy to look in my throat. He immediately screamed, "STREP!" The problem is I feel like I have a golf ball lodged in the back of my throat. It hurts. It makes me gag. I did not want them to swab my throat, for fear that my gag would turn into something more, if you know what I mean. I didn't want to be THAT patient! I made Nurse Boy go with me. I told him that I was going to convince them NOT to swab me, just look back there and write a script. No such luck. The nurse looked at me like, "Wishful thinking, lady!" while coming at me with a long cotton swab that she wanted to vigourously shove down my throat. Nurse Boy and Sweet Pea laughed and laughed as I struggled to let her look back there, much less shove something back there. They were cruel, I tell you!

I am off to spend sometime with my pillow and my blanket. Nurse Boy will be back at work tomorrow, which means I will be as well. Better rest up while I can!


mommy4life said...

Get some rest and let your body heal. Hope you feel better really soon.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I love the idea that Mrs. Nurse Boy has a hard life and Mr. Nurse Boy is on vacation, err I mean goes to work every day. They don't call it leisure, they call it work. While she was changing kid diapers, I was at work changing adult diaper. Now the kids are all out of diapers. Guess what, my adults aren't. Now, I do know that the Mrs. works very hard, and that she rests at her place of employment. But it ain't all fun an games where I go either.

Chris said...

Awww. I hope you feel better very soon!! And (hey cover your eyes Mr. Nurse Boy) I think you should milk it for a couple extra days, too.

It was very nice of you, Mr Nurse Boy (oh yeah you can uncover your eyes now) to say that the Mrs. does work very hard. I wish there were more husbands and daddies like you out there in the world.

Imperfect Mom said...

In all fairness, nobody expects me to change their drawers at work so I cannot pretend to know what Mr. Nurse Boy's work days are like (though don't they make meager assistants do those "doody"s....hahahar).

However, I will say that I refer to the days I go to the office as my vacation days (though I'm not back there yet). I have one job. I get to concentrate on it fully. Nobody ever stops by my office and asks for a drink/food or whines that they are bored.

For me, it is so much harder to be home.

Theresa said...

Please get well, Mrs. Nurse Boy! Strep is nothing to mess with, so take what time you can laying down and resting. (Yes, I'm a mom and I know that it may only come in 5 minute segments.)

3 Peas in a Pod said...

I'm so happy I found your blog because you make me laugh out loud. Both Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy are equally funny!!!

Sorry to hear that you didn't get to go away for the weekend to celebrate.

Love the image of Bruiser on the basketball court. I have fond memories of Nickelfidget on the soccer and t-ball fields doing much of the same thing. Perhaps even laying on the ground in the goalie net at one point.

Hope you're feeling better. Glad strep throat didn't make you lose your witty sense or humor.