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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Update Time...

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

A couple of months ago (October 20th to be exact--I don't know how to do that linky thing), I mentioned that the Nurse Boy Clan was in search of a new church home. We have since been on a journey of obedience. Some of you have actually asked us if we have found a new church and how it is going. So, for those of you who are interested, I will share a little bit of our journey.

Yes, we believe we have found a church home. I compare it to moving to a new city. You miss your old city. It was home. It was comfortable. It felt safe. You miss your friends, but plan on staying in touch if they are interested. You hope they are interested. You long to know that they thought you were as special as you thought they were. Time will tell. You want to make new friends, but often feel like an outsider. When you move, you must trust that you have made the right decision and keep striving to connect in your new environment each and every day. Some days are good and some days leave you doubting the decisions you have made.

Every day we are choosing to obey God and follow the calling He has on our family. He has only given us a glimpse of what His plans are, but we are so EXCITED to be in His will and continue to discover what He has in store.

So, we really do like our new church. It isn't family, yet. We believe it will be soon. I figure that it usually takes about a year before a new city feels like home and I am sure this will be no different. Our new church is more than 3 times the size of our old church. Honestly, I find that to be exciting and a little bit scary all at the same time. We LOVE the pastor! He is an amazing man of God who has brought a lot of growth to this congregation in the last 6 years or so. It is exciting to see how God is moving in this church and to watch the love and care they have for one another. It is inspiring!

I have also cried many tears for my little kiddos. This adjustment has been difficult and a bit confusing for them. I have cried out to God to connect my kids, to use this opportunity to help them grow even more spiritually. God is so good! Each time I have doubted and cried out to Him, He has blessed me with an answer, a smile, or a great report from one of the kids. Last Sunday, Dimples told me he hoped we would never leave this church. Just two months ago he couldn't understand why we were even gracing the doors of that building.

My husband has been SO steady during all of this. That has been such an encouragement for me! He just keeps pressing forward. He is obeying. It is that simple. He has listened to me cry, doubt, lecture, waver, vent, struggle, and revel in God's awesome plans. God has used this time to help me to grow spiritually as well. I am not exactly the most submissive wife. I try, but I fail. And, I refuse to believe that God wants me to be a doormat. I mean, what good is a doormat in glorifying God on a daily basis? Right now, God is teaching me what exactly that means. Just this Sunday, another lady shared some awesome insight that one of her pastors had shared with her years ago. He had said that when a wife submits to her husband, she is yielding to him in love. That is exactly what God has been calling me to do through this journey.

God also continues to show us to not "put all of our eggs in one basket," if you will. He is connecting us with some amazing believers throughout the city. I love meeting new, amazing people. It is refreshing! He has also surrounded me with supportive, understanding, attentive friends during this journey. You all know who you are! ;0) Thank you for your listening ears!

His plan is so much better than our own!

We will continue to keep you posted on our journey...


Imperfect Mom said...

Moving to a different church has to rank up there with one of the more difficult decisions a family can make.

Not only do you have to leave what is comfortable, but you are putting your family in NEW hands. Hands that will play a part in shaping and encouraging your spiritual growth. That's a BIG deal. Really big. I expect you should have some "did we do the right thing"-moments!

We're praying for you guys and that your transition will become smoother and that He will open wide doors to lasting, positive friendships.

Boy Mom said...

Thanks for the update, asking about religion is often a touchy subject but I have hoped you would find what you are looking for. God is good and his will for us is a blessing as we let it unfold.

Glad you're finding a family of believers.