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Friday, October 23, 2009

Excuse Me While I Take a Moment...

...to BRAG ON OUR BOYS!!!!

Both of our boys had been educated at a very small, private, Christian school up until this year. They knew everyone (teachers, students, volunteers, etc.) and had even known most of them since birth. It was a wonderful and loving environment. But, God was starting to prepare me for a big change around this time last year.

He told me to send them to public school.

I am not going to lie. I was horrified. I taught in the inner city years ago and it scared me to think of my precious ones in that environment. Truth be told, I live in suburbia. Not to mention that the school district I worked for probably has more issues than your average inner city schools.

So, this year we enrolled the boys in a school well over 500 students. They each have more kids in there classrooms this year than they had in their entire school last year. God has blessed our obedience in so many ways. The boys have blossomed! Honestly, I get all misty eyed when I think about it.

We spent much of the summer talking to the boys about being LEADERS at their new school. We prayed that they would shine the light of Jesus and make smart, intelligent, Christian choices and excel academically.

You see, public schools can't possibly take God out of the schools. Nope, not while my children are there :0)

Today they proudly got out their report cards and read what their teachers wrote about them. Yep, I got all misty eyed again. So, now it's time for some bragging...

Dimples' teacher wrote:

WOW! What a way to start off the year. Dimples is delightful and a pleasure to be around. He is always respectful and willing to lend a hand when needed. His charming personality and sparkling attitude make him well-liked by his classmates. Dimples is always kind and polite. I'm so privileged to have him in my class. Congratulations on making all A honor roll!

Bruiser's teacher wrote:

Bruiser is such a delight to have in class. His behavior choices and good manners make him an excellent peer model for his classmates. He works hard and is an active participant in our class discussions. I am looking forward to our conference next week, so that we can discuss the great start that he has had in first grade!

WOW! Way to Shine the Light of Jesus, Boys!!!!!


Brandi said...

Well done boys, well done! (and well done mom and dad)! :)

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Wow. This really spoke to me-My boys are at a small Christian School, as well-but each year as the economy gets tighter-public school is the next option. And to be honest-I am scared. Your post made me tear up. I needed to hear that today. I needed to see how your boys shine, and make a differeence rather than being "overcome". :)
Good job boys!!!

momstheword said...

Awesome, way to go boys!!! How proud you must be! I love their happy smiles!

Kari @ p.s. love.love. said...

Wonderful!!!! I loved this statement that you made:
You see, public schools can't possibly take God out of the schools. Nope, not while my children are there :0)

Shana said...

Way to shine for Jesus boys!!

Shana said...

yes the show Yo Gabba Gabba is like crack for kids. It is hilarious. Blaze absolutely adores it and at first I wouldn't let him watch it because I thought it was really dumb but then i paid attention to it and realized for little ones his size it actually has some really good messages in it. Now it is great because i can sing every STINKING song on the show. LOL!

Boy Mom said...

What amazing parents and Christians you are. Give those boys a big hug for me. Better give sweet pea and each other one too, don't want anyone left out.

Missed y'all!

Suz said...

So glad you're feeling better. It is good to have you back.

From what I have come to learn from your blog, I am not surprised of how well the boys did.

Way to go Boys!!!

I tag you on my blog last week but you were ill. Try out the cookies I know you'll like them. Plus they are fun to make with the kids.

Take care.



Kmama said...

Way to go boys!! I can understand why you're so proud. Awesome!!

Tiffany said...

WAY TO GO! Both to the boys and to mom and dad - without you as role models and teaching them about Christ - they may not be this way - so those compliments shine just as much light on mom and dad as they do on Dimples and Bruiser!

Congrats again - to all!

Jewel said...

This just shows what a wonderful job of parenting you and Mr. NB are doing! Great job!
I remember when Daniel went back to public school in the 11th grade. We were concerned but knew, as you did, that this was the right path for him and it turned out wonderfully! God does know what HE is doing, hm? *smile*
So good to have you back!!

Mother Mayhem said...

Let it shine! Let it shine! Let it shine! :o)

(Yup. Concord grape PopTarts. They were frosted too. MMM.)

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

I'm proud for you and with you! That's great! What bright, bright boys you have! Way to shine the light boys and way to be such great students at the same time!

Thank you, Jesus, for these beautiful boys!

He & Me + 3 said...

That is so awesome. You must be beaming with pride. Way to go boys. I can't wait to read what the teachers say about my girls...Stunt man will be a different story. LOL

Priscila said...

congrats!!! Your boys are so cute!!!
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momstheword said...

hello again! I know it's so easy to get frustrated with shoes everywhere (thus my blog post about it once, lol!) but I figure if I just keep plugging away at it, maybe they'll get it.

This time I only had to ask my son once to put all his shoes away. That, it itself, is amazing, lol!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Amen and Amen! Loved the part about not ever taking Christ out of schools- so true.
And YAY for a great job, boys!! Way to go, Nurse Boy parents, as well! YAY!!!!

Emily said...

That is SOOOO awesome and encouraging! What wonderful boys.