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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Monday's Random Musings

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

It is Monday. Nurse Boy is staying home with the boys today. They have the day off. Ironically, I am the only one who doesn't have the day off. I even agreed to work some extra hours today. And, it is Monday. I know I already said that, but who agrees to work EXTRA on a Monday? Certainly NOT ME.

Except I did.

So, Sweet Pea and I are going to go play with some preschoolers while the men stay home and destroy the house. Oops. Did I type that out loud?

Here's hoping the house isn't destroyed when I come home! As a matter of a fact, I am certain that the laundry will be cleaned, folded, and put away. I am also positive that the bathrooms will sparkle and the kitchen will smell of homemade bread.

Yeah, right...

Ready for some randomness... or randomess, as Jewel stated last week? Fitting, huh?!

~The other day I heard the song, "I Think We're Alone Now," by Tiffany. It almost made me want to put on a sweater dress with some leggings and go to the mall. ALMOST.

~Speaking of the sweater dress, they are selling them at Old Navy. Really? It is really making a comeback? I am pretty sure I will not be sporting that look again. It brings back too many memories of fifth grade in Mr. Graber's class when I... ahem... entered womanhood and my mom had to tell him why I acted weird and had to go to the restroom with my purse one week out of every month. Nope, not wanting to relive that time in my life.

~Last week the boys interrupted a very important episode of Project Runway to come downstairs, in a huff, an hour after their bedtime. The complaint? Bruiser was licking Dimples. WHAT?!?! Apparently I am raising zoo animals who are caged up in bunk beds.

~I wonder how Bruiser will avoid bedtime tonight?

~The other day Sweet Pea was complaining about the "de-gusing" vegetables on her plate while she was dipping her grapes in ketchup. I can't make this stuff up, people!

~Mocha Chip Java Chiller, you are unfairly yummy. Stop calling my name every time I pass a Sonic. You don't play fair with all of your coffee ice cream goodness.

~I hate it when people pull out right in front of me when I am driving and there is no one behind me for MILES.

~Last week a little boy at preschool was wearing a Run DMC t-shirt. He is three. And, I am pretty sure he has NO idea who they are. It made me smile all day long.

Want to join in? Let me know in the comments and I will send some linky love your way!

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Mummy McTavish said...

I love the new shots of your kids on the side. The photos of your boys always make me smile... each time they have the same "okay, you've got one, now let me get out of here" look on their faces... then the sweet pea photo makes me LAUGH... hers has more of a "did you get my good side, do you want to take another 15 just in case, can you see all my sweetness in this shot?" look.

On to your randomness... Was that seriously the first time you've had to deal with the whole "he's licking me" thing? Your boys must be quite civilised compared to mine... who am I kidding... warthogs are civilised compared to my boys!

You know I just realised the other day that my whole no milk thing has been thwarted by all the caramelatte's I've been having. It wasn't till I went to make one at home I realised "hey, these things have milk in them!" bright, I know! Unfairly Yummy, that describes them so well. I think I'll go have an icecream to console myself... Hang on!

Emily said...

Jack has become the bedtime avoiding king lately here! It's driving me crazy since I'm having to wake him up every morning now for school!!
And I LOVE that Tiffany song! I even have it on my ipod...right there with NKOTB!

Mrsbear said...

Grapes and ketchup, oh jeez, that's too much.

I always get people pulling out in front of me when the road behind me is clear. It drives me bananas. I think for some reason it has to do with the fact that I'm in a minivan and obviously beneath them, maybe they think I'll drive below the speed limit or something, who knows?

Run DMC. That's great.

Michelle said...

Love the new pics of the kids. How adorible! Sweet Pea looks like a little princess!

Why do kids like ketchup so much? John will eat anything with ketchup. If I ever get desperate enough for him to eat veggies, I'll just serve them up with ketchup. Gross! :)

My randomness is posted, but beware - it is seriously random and might not make sense.

Many blessing!


He & Me + 3 said...

NY and company is selling sweater dresses and leggings too. I saw that Run DMC shirt at Target along with the Rolling Stones. Yeah that is what I want my 4 year old wearing. LOL
I hate it when people pull out in front of me too. What are they thinking?

Suz said...

I must admitt the first time I read in your post about " linky love" I thought it said "kinky love". Ha-ha-ha..... so now every time I read it that is all I see. The " l " just looks weird to me. Maybe I need to get my eyes checked or maybe I need some.... Oh sorry I need to keep those thoughts to myself.

Loved the randomness. The new pics are GREAT!! Sweet Pea is such a poser. It must totally be the whole girl thing, Lily is just the same way.



Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

What is it with boys licking people? Jonathan has been licking or foreheads, arms, cheeks....I'm pretty sure he got it from a kid at the sitters.

Tiffany said...

First let me say that I loved Tiffany (can't imagine why) and that song was one of my favorites. I can't tell you how many times I "performed" it at my grandparents house. I had "moves" and everything. I SO wanted to be a singer. I LOVE to sing - too bad I can't carry a tune in a bucket. (Although my son says I sound like Taylor Swift when I sing. Isn't he sweet?)

Okay - Sweater dresses not so good. Leggings - another item that should not have made a comeback. I'm waiting for the shirt dresses to come back. Do you remember those? Maybe that was just a southern thing. Dunno.

Oh, and the bubble dress - yeah, that should have stayed buried, too.

No randomness for me this week - I just wasn't feelin' it. Hope to be back next week!