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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Little Sugar Never Hurt Anyone, RIGHT?

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

It just isn't Christmas time until I have baked a batch... or five... of sugar cookies. Truth be told, I kind of have a love/hate for sugar cookies.

Love to eat them.

Hate to mess with the dough and cut outs.

Love to eat them.

Hate finding sprinkles in random crevices of my kitchen for the next month.

Love to eat them.

Hate trying to decorate each and every single one in hopes that someone might mistake me for Martha Stewart. Let's face it, IT IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. (And yet I continue to live in denial.)

Yep. I love them. I hate them. I must bake them every December.

Here is my version. Every time I bring these bad boys to a holiday gathering, I have requests for the recipe. EVERY TIME.
It is a family secret. One that I am going to reveal on our family blog. Yes, you read that right.
Wanna know the secret to the perfect sugar cookie? Keep reading...

First, let's begin with my FAVORITE way to top off the perfect sugar cookie. CANDY CANES. I love me some peppermint this time of year!

Next, you need some patient little helpers to get that stupid, sticky, never-gonna-let-go plastic wrap off of the candy canes.

Now, crush the candy canes.

See how happy they are?! Having fun is an added bonus!

Now for the dough... the frosting... and the family secret...
Can you handle the TRUTH?
The TRUTH is...


No lie!! And, it is delicious every time! Plus, you don't need to roll, cut, and all that other jazz. Nope. We plop balls of dough on the cookie sheet and bake them until they are soft and delicious. Frost them with STORE BOUGHT cream cheese frosting and sprinkle with crushed candy canes.

Last year my mom and I had a little contest to see who could make the best homemade sugar cookies. I searched and searched for the perfect recipe. We both worked until we (and my kitchen) were covered with flour, frosting, and sprinkles. Much to our surprise, they tasted all most the SAME.

Not to mention that the Betty Crocker ones are STILL my favorite. And, everything is so much cleaner after I have baked a batch...

or five.


Kari @ p.s. love.love. said...

I haven't been here in forever. I'm a slacker and I'm behind and I'm sad I've missed so much!
Love sugar cookies too. We'll be doing ours tomorrow so Bella and her girl friends can decorate them.
I will be making them from scratch which means hubby will be in charge of rolling and cutting. If I get him to do all the annoying stuff - it's almost like buying a mix, right? :o)

susan said...

Yum, I LOVE sugar cookies, LOVE them! I have never tried the candy cane thing, but I will now. I always make mine from scratch because I'm special that way and by special I mean really stupid. I hate cutting them out, and the little helpers who play with the dough until the thought of eating it is gaggable! I'll have to try the mix.

Boy Mom

Rachel said...

Oh this was perfect timing! I love to eat sugar cookies, but I am loathe to even think about them right now - since we baked six dozen on Sunday. It's still too traumatic to talk about...

My son basically just wanted to smoosh the dough and eat the blue sprinkles. Enough germs and high blood sugar already, eh?!

I'm a mix fan too :) And the kiddos look like they had a blast! I'll have to try the candy cane topping next time I work up the courage to try baking 'em again :)

Mummy McTavish said...

If you can't bake if fake it! That's my motto!

I will admit, my first thought on the crushed candy canes "wow, when you crush them they are even more like kiddy-crack" but it is a tricky little idea, thanks.

We are making gingerbread tomorrow. My friend that's helping said she has a great recipe and since I always muck them up I asked what I needed to buy for them... she told me to check on the back of the Greens box when I buy a pack.

Kmama said...

Good for you! I like the idea of the cream cheese frosting and the candy cane bits.

I'm not much for baking around the holidays (too much stress). but, I did this year, and an upcoming post will show why I probably won't bake again for another couple years. Ugh.

Em said...

Love it!! I'm going to try this secret family recipe!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

THANK YOU for this!!!
I can do this one-I am busy right now, and feeling guilty that I have not made one baked thing...besides chicken!
I will be doing this, this weekend.

Michelle said...

LOL!! You crack me up! Great idea for the 'sprinkles'. I'm going to have to try that one!

Sheila said...

How funny.... I use that exact same mix, and those cookies really ARE delicious with half the time! Yum! I will have to try it with the peppermint though- that looks good!

Emily said...

I'm so with you! Sugar cookies rock...to eat!

Suz said...

What store bought! Holy cow I can't believe it.JK

We decorated gingerbread houses ( uhmm graham cracker ) Sunday it was a blast. Way too much sugar though.

Merry Christmas



Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Well, you cheat! I'm so relieved to know you don't cook them by scratch. Makes me feel better knowing I was going to do the same thing next week! But without the candy canes. What an awesome idea!

Lauren said...

I love/hate sugar cookies too! And everything is better with Betty!

He & Me + 3 said...

No way. I just bough that mix last week. I am so making these for Santa:)

Deb said...

What a great idea! I'm going to try that with the kids. They may be a little young for the peppermint, though, so we may do chocolate chips. :)

On Stage said...

I love that cookie mix! I used it for a party recently and everyone raved about the cookies.... little did they know. The gingerbread mix is also awesome, much easier than pulling out the stinky molases! You are a brave woman to let your kids use a rolling pin!

Brandi said...

HAHA! You really sucked me in... I was all waiting for the "secret" recipe! We ♥ those too! However, I decided against sprinkles for the same reason you mentioned above. I convinced the kiddos that we needed to make oatmeal chocolate chip (from a mix, of course) this year because the reindeer LOVE oatmeal! ;)

Mrsbear said...

No way?! Gasp. A mix?! I think that's awesome personally. I'm all about making my life easier, and I've made the complicated sugar cookies with the cookie cutters and the dough you have to keep refrigerating because it sticks to everything it touches and the homemade frosting that you put on too soon and ends up liquefying and running and looking completely unappetizing...I'll have to try your version this year. Easy. Peasy.