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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy, Happy Brithday to My Bruiser!

(Bruiser's birthday was on Black Friday this year. I am late in posting this, but I promise he was loved on plenty this year and showered with gifts that I will be stepping on for months to come.)

Dear Bruiser,

You, my son, have always had a sparkle in your eye, a bounce in your step, and a smirk on your handsome face. You are so full of life! You are fun to be around and have a very passionate personality. One minute you might cry over a sad movie and the next minute you are willing to beat up a boy (twice your size) that threatens your big brother.

When you were only 3 1/2, God showed me the personality he had created in you. One day, just like any other, I was tucking you in for an afternoon nap. You looked at me with determination and said, "Mommy, Jesus lives right there in your heart." You then pointed at your own heart and demanded, "I want Him here in my heart, right now!" You are an all-or-nothing kind of guy. At that moment, I was overwhelmed with emotion. God wants to use that passion for Him. He has great plans for you! Since then, your sweet little spirit displays compassion for those in need and disappointment for those who mean harm. We call you our little prayer warrior because you always have so much to share with God.

But, don't get me wrong. You are ALL boy. You laugh every single time bodily functions are discussed or displayed and mud is a constant companion of yours. But, that is what we love about you. You always make us laugh... even if it is through gritted teeth at times.

You are our rough and tumble guy with a heart for the Lord. You are such a precious gift to our family. Happy Birthday to our 7 year old!

We also love this toothless grin!
(Not to mention those bright red ears when you are tired! ;0)


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Sweet Pea is doing well today. No fever or pain. I think she just needed a day with her Daddy. The antibiotic may have helped too but whatever.

Mrs. NB mentioned the missing teeth. Every tooth he has lost he either ran into a kid on the playground or he got fed up and asked Dimples or me to pull it. No flintching or anything. Just pull my tooth dad...and he just stands there and takes it. I love that kid.


Kmama said...

Happy belated birthday Bruiser! He's such a handsome boy.

Did he get pumpkin pie for his birthday?!?!

Glad to hear Sweet Pea is doing better!! Yay for Daddies (and antibiotics).

Theresa said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Bruiser! He sounds a lot like our grandson, David Riley! So much fun and energy packed into one little body.

Brandi said...

Must be a middle child thing... Lil' Bub is emotional one minute and ready to fight someone twice his size the next. Lord, I hope we can keep him out of Juvie.

Happy Birthday Bruiser! Pumpkin pie for your birthday?! Right on! ;)

So glad Sweet Pea is feeling better! :)

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Glad to hear your daughter is feeling better...
and what a cute post on Bruiser!
He sounds very similar to my second son-Love that!

Michelle said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRUISER!! Love the toothless grin. Will he be singing "All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth" ?

What a special boy you have!

Many Blessings

Emily said...

I love those beautiful bright eyes! Happy Birthday Bruiser!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Oh those eyes! To die for!

Rachel said...

How'd you get me laughing and teary-eyed in the same post?!?

Your "little" guy sounds like the kind of boy most mommies want their daughters to marry :)

And geez... you got me with the naptime "I want Jesus in my heart" one. My kiddo is 3.5 years old RIGHT NOW and I can only imagine the puddle I'd be if he said that.

What a gift your boy is! Happy late birthday!

Boy Mom said...

Love those missing teeth and the all or nothing personality! Was that a pumpkin pie for birthday cake? Now that's a boy that knows how to party!

He & Me + 3 said...

He is just precious. I love his blue eyes and his toothless smile. Perfect. His heart for the Lord is an awesome thing. Happy Late Birthday Bruiser!

Suz said...

I know what Bruiser wants for Christmas..... or are you sick of that phrase?

Happy Birthday Bruiser!!!!!!
Your happy bright blue eyes make me day.

What a blessing to have such spirtual children.



Mrsbear said...

Happy Birthday to your handsome guy!

mommy4life said...

Happy Birthday, Bruiser! My fav story is still the attacking bird. Makes me wish I had been able to witness it...

He IS a great kiddo!

Jenilee said...

Happy Birthday! the pie looks yummy!

Mummy McTavish said...

Happy Birthday Little Dude!

Hope that pie was yummy and that there is a piece in the mail headed my way!

Now here's the deal with those teeth... Start singing "all I want for Christmas..." and then look at your mum with those sweet eyes, head tilted to the side ever so slightly and say "I really mean it mum, I do want my teeth to be there for Christmas" and when she starts to answer you, keep going with this gem (but keep up the sweet eyes) "I'll be really sad if you can't do that, but if you can't you can always get me *insert much desired toy here*"

That, dear Bruiser, is my birthday gift to you. Use it wisely little dude.