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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Spreading a Little Cheer!

We took a day this week to take in some downtown fun. We took the kids to Crown Center, a unique mall here in the big city. We go here every summer and every December. It really couldn't be more beautiful when it is decorated for Christmas!

Outside, they have stuff for the kids to climb on...

Not sure what a tractor and a space shuttle have to do with Christmas, but the kids had fun.

Inside we found a gingerbread village.

You could even smell the yumminess!

The is an old, mechanical Santa from the early 1900's. I love this creepy big guy that laughs and shakes. The kids find him disturbing, but I find a little comfort in him. My grandpa used to see this very same Santa in the stores when he was a kid. It always reminds me of him in some weird sort of way.

Next stop was Crayola Land.

They got to climb and slide all over everything Crayola.

Yes, they had fun!

I, then, forced them to sit on Santa's lap. No, we don't do Santa in our home, but I have missed these precious photo opportunities. I knew this would be the last year that Dimples would play along. They were all good sports.

Next stop was the Crayola Store with hands-on stuff all over the place!

On our way back to the car, Sweet Pea had to have a turn on this rocking horse.

On our way home, we drove through the Plaza to see the Christmas lights. They really are breath taking!

All of the beauty was lost on the children, though.

They kept asking when we could go home and watch, "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas."
Fitting, don't ya think?


He & Me + 3 said...

What an awesome time. I love their picture with Santa. Too cute. I love your header picture too. Your children are so adorable. That crayola store looked so fun. Sure wish we had something like that here.
Merry Christmas!

Brandi said...

Great pictures! Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas! :)

Jewel said...

Loved the pictures and it looks like you all had a marvelous time! I think we are taking in the lights tonight! :-) Merry Christmas to your precious family from ours, Mrs. NB!

Kmama said...

That Crayola land looks awesome!! I would love to play over there!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Boy Mom said...

Adorable! Love driving around looking at the lights and listening to my boys whine about going home to eat.

Lindsay Rudolph said...

Those pictures are great! What a fun Christmas experience that must be.

Thank you for stoppin' by my blog!
Happy New Year!