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Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday's Random Musings

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

It is Monday, so that must mean it is time for some randomness... or mess. I'll let you decide.

~This morning I awoke to my 10 year old whispering in my ear. I lifted my head CERTAIN that it was 3 AM. I was wrong. I couldn't have been more wrong. It was 45 minutes later than I normally emerge from my sweet slumber!!!

~I knew one day that my dear friend, The Snooze Button, would fail me.

~Waking everyone up abruptly with lights and a "PLEASE hurry this morning!" didn't go over so well with the younger two.

~I had to skip my shower and wash my hair in the kitchen sink.

~Yes, I know that is a little white trash. I'll own it.

~Reflecting on my morning, I am now worried that Sweet Pea never brushed her teeth. Yep, I am up for mother of the year.

~My thirties have not been kind to me. I REALLY need to wear makeup. However, this morning did not allow for such luxuries.

~Miracles do happen. The boys made it to school on time and Sweet Pea and I made it to work on time. I am NOT kidding, it was a miracle.

~Although, I probably looked like anything BUT a miracle.

~The brake light would not turn off in my van today. Figures.

~When Bruiser came home from school today, he asked me if I was sick. When I said I felt fine, he said my eyes looked red and weird.

~Um, yeah. Those are called dark circles under my eyes. They happen to be the ONLY Italian gene that was handed down to me. Yeah, I am so thankful.

~More like my Mary Kay lady is thankful. Thankful that I buy concealer in mass quantities.

~I could have inherited the thick, dark hair or the olive complexion. But, no. It was the dark circles (under my blue -very Irish- eyes) ever since the tender age of 3. And, they have only gotten darker.

~Our Christmas tree is STILL not decorated.

~My kids think they are abused since our tree is still not decorated.

~To top it off, my Christmas shopping has barely begun.

~I think I need a personal assistant, don't you?

Happy Monday! Here's hoping that my best friend, Concealer, and I get to spend some quality time together tomorrow.


He & Me + 3 said...

Oh no, i hate it when my day starts off late. I am behind for the whole day. Your van sounds a little like mine...but at least it is paid off...that is what I say.

Mummy McTavish said...

Here's to Tuesday.

Love the new photo up the top! It is kinda new isn't it? I'm a little behind.

Theresa said...

Days that start like that just make me want to call for a family holiday!! (That's where we all call off and go back to bed!)

Hopefully, the rest of the week will start off on time.

Kmama said...

I HATE mornings like that. That is the absolute worst way to wake up.

Michelle said...

Ahh... let the randomonium commence! Hopefully you got some coffee before rushing out of the house. Washing your hair in the sink is white trash??? Hmmm... guess I'm in big trouble then! :)

Here's to better mornings!


Emily said...

Man, I would love a personal assistant. Or Alice. And we overslept yesterday too...stinkin' Mondays!

Shana said...

if you get a personal assistant can I have one too?? Sorry your day was rough. I understand..lol.

Suz said...

I bet you were glad when bed time came.

I am late all the time. So I hardly ever get the makeup on. When I do everyone thinks I've lost weight. Kinda a good pick me up.

I would fore go the hair washing before the shower. I remember my mom would take PTA baths, I'll skip telling what that meant. I am sure you can figure it out.

Hoping you have a wonderful Tuesday!



Brandi said...

That is a miracle that y'all made it on time! I suffer from chronic lateness so I would have never made it... and I don't wear make up OR get to bathe real regular. Hmmm, I really shouldn't have a problem being late then, huh?

Mrsbear said...

That is such a bad feeling, waking up and seeing the clock and going Oh NO. Glad you made it everywhere on time. And that you even managed a quick sink hair wash is a feat. I would've tied that mess back and been on my merry or not-so-merry way. lol. I suffer from the dark circles too. I can't blame genetics too much, I am just perpetually tired. ;)

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

I must be Italian too...I swear I have the darkest circles under my eyes all the time. Maybe it is because my toddler won't sleep. Ever. EVER! Argh!

I'm glad everyone is feeling better and that snooze button...please...it is my curse!

Kari @ p.s. love.love. said...

I love that your kids are abused because the tree isn't decorated. Hilarious.
And Bella always thinks I'm sick if I don't put my make up on. Encouraging, I know.