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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outstide!

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

Have I mentioned that it is time to move south? I would say Florida, but I spent a few days there in the month of April a couple of years back and I looked like I had stuck my finger in an electrical socket the entire trip. Not a pretty sight. My hair had a mind all of its own. It was so bad that Nurse Boy kept asking me if I had already styled my hair before we would leave the hotel room. I had indeed. Nurse Boy kept introducing me as his poodle, err, I mean wife. So, I need to move south, just not sure how far south.

My family, however, LOVES the winter and all of the surprises that it always has in store. Nurse Boy wants to move NORTH. Let's just say that is NOT happening. So, I guess we will just stay planted.

While we don't have snow on the ground today, we do have some cold temps. I am tired of them! Today I will share some pictures from a few weeks ago. My children believe that if it is going to be cold, we should at least have snow on the ground...

Just don't eat the yellow snow ;0)

Making a snow angel.

Taking one for the team.

Little Miss Pris did NOT want to get too wet or too cold. Oh, wait. That was me.

Let's build something.

Are these kids having fun, or what?!

Of course, you MUST end all snow activity with a cup of Hot Chocolate!

(Which you are apparently suppose to lap up like a little puppy?)


Chris said...

The way you talked about your hair reminded me of the episode of Friends where Monica had the totally out of control afro going on. I feel your pain! I really do!

I always wanted to move somewhere like Arizona, but with red hair, blue eyes and my skin... I'd probably burst into flames.

The kids look like they had a blast. Those smiles are the ONLY good thing about snow.

Chris said...

You guys have an award at my place. Come get it before it gets buried under the snow. =D

Mummy McTavish said...

I love snow photos. I want to take the kids to the snow before they get too much older. I want to see them go wild in the snow. I don't particularly want to get cold though, it's a bit of a predicament.

Your little carbon coppies, er, uh, children are so cute! I want to pick them all up and give them a big squishy cuddle. I think it has something to do with those eyes peeking over the hot choc mugs and sweet pea in her big fluffy jacket! ohhhh, so cute!

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

My grandson wants to build a snowman like he has seen in my "Calvin & Hobbes" books, but with the wierd snow we have been having, it can't be done. It seems like the only times the snow will pack is the days that we have something scheduled out of town.

On Stage said...

I hate winter too! We got socked with 26 inches of lake effect snow on Tuesday evening! What a mess! I do have to admit it looks pretty!