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Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's Called Real Life, People!

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

Yep, it's me. Knee deep in real life. No fairy tale going on over here right now. It's Saturday, not Friday. I missed Friday. I didn't even post a Friday Fare. How dare me! Whatever did y'all eat yesterday?!

Us? We ate Stoffer's Chicken Enchiladas. Yep! I said STOFFER'S! They were...uh...etible. Nothing like the recipe that I have posted before that totally rocks. They didn't rock. They simply helped to ward off hunger.

Just touching base with all of my bloggy friends. My grandmother passed away on Wednesday. I believe with all my heart she is sitting up in heaven loving eternity. She was 95 and it was her time.

She forgot who I was years ago. I mourned her loss a long time ago. She wasn't able to celebrate my marriage or the birth of any of my children. Although, I did visit her when I was pregnant with Dimples and she told me I was packing on the pounds. She always had a kind word like that. She WAS always honest. She was never the sweet, comforting person that the word grandma tends to paint. My relationship with her was very different than what you might imagine. That was just who she was. That was my Grandma Mary.

But, we are left with real life down here. Oh, the emotions! The drama! All of the "to dos!" (Which, for me are things as shallow as making sure my family looks groomed and presentable. Who wants to be the cousins that look, well, unkempt? Or, crazy? I know, we have already established that we are the "crazy" ones, but humor me, K?)

So, my bloggy friends, we are in need of some prayer. I could tell you that we need prayer that my 2 year old won't lift up her dress and flash the entire church. Or, scream, "I have to go poopy," during the eulogy. Or, that no one will snap a photo of one of my kids picking their nose. (Then they will have PROOF that we are unkempt and crazy.) I also fear just what my children will say when they see my grandmother laid out in the casket. That always freaks me out, I can only imagine what will be going through their little minds. (Can you tell that I want to be cremated?)

Nope. All of those thoughts are shallow and about ME. None of this is about ME.

My mother and her sister and brothers need prayer. For peace and comfort. For understanding of what everyone is going through and how they are dealing with their own personal loss. The loss of a parent can divide a family. I pray that does not happen.

My father, my brother, and I need prayer as well. We need to be supportive of mom and her needs. We all need wisdom as to what those needs are. And, we need to not make it about ourselves. We just want to be there for her.

So, we are just living out some real life challenges right now. Good times! Hey, we haven't lost our sense of humor. My grandmother is rejoicing, so I am not going to be all bitter through this. I'm going to be looking for the humor this weekend as we celebrate another saint entering the Gates. I hope to be back on Monday to share some randomness with all of you.

I'll let you know if Sweet Pea flashes everyone. I am almost certain she will. Maybe I SHOULD pray about that...

I'm just saying...


Ruby Red Slippers said...

I will be adding you to my prayer list (Sunday's Posts are only for prayer BTW...)
I pray that God is with your whole family right now-and I hope you don't have a flasher on your hands! :)

mommy4life said...

Prayers are going with you from our household too.

Wouldn't it be great if someone would create a weight or something that kept those little girls skirts down?

Imperfect Mom said...

Get tights. At least then they aren't seeing panties.

Chris said...

My thoughts are with you and your family.

Boy Mom said...

Wow, funny, spiritual,grounded and compassionate, Mrs. Nurseboy you're my hero. Enjoy the opportunity to love on family and friends you don't get to see often.

If god allows me to attend my funeral I intend to flash everyone. Flash away Sweet Pea!

As always, prayers for you and yours in rain or sun, joy or sorrow, peace or tumult.

Jewel said...

I will certainly be praying for you, Mrs. NB....I know it can be so difficult when a loved one passes away. and don't worry so much about your little ones. I'm sure you are worrying excessively needlessly. Though tights for little sweet pea sounds like a good idea! *smile* ((HUGS))

3 Peas in a Pod said...

My thoughts and prayers are with your family that all goes smoothly.

I second what Boy Mom said about loving on the family member that you don't often get to see.

As you know, kids have a way of lightening up things like funerals and well life in general.

Now Sweat Pea, listen to Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy, ya hear?

Much love from NJ,

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

I'm sorry to hear of your loss. I know what you are going through. Even though I lost my last grandparent 30 years ago, I just lost an aunt last week. Death is a part of life. You & your family will be in my thoughts & prayers

Mummy McTavish said...

Praying for you all and sending hugs!

I second that thought of tights for sweet-pea :)

I had my best friend ask if she could come to my grandma's funeral to support me and I said yes I would love that and can she sit with my boys in the churches cry-room because that is what I need most on the day. She was so precious to me that day. Do you have anyone that can do that for you? I wanted the boys to see what was going on and knew it would help with the explainations of what happened to Grandma but actually sitting through the service without starting to sing Bob the Builder at an inappropriat time (because I am sure there is an appropriate time for a B-the-B anthem during a funeral service) or complaining loudly about undies in their butt-crack was just going to be a bit too much for them.

I am just thinking now that the funeral has probably already happened but I am still praying!

Boy Mom said...

Just thinking of you. Hope all went well this weekend. Hugs to all.

Jonny's Mommy said...

Can't wait to find out if there is some flashing going on. I read this too late to offer prayers, I think, but if not..then I pray it all goes well.

Your grandma reminds me of mine and I always felt guilty because I didn't feel all "mushy" about her in some ways. In other ways I did. I loved her, but sometimes she could be blunt to the point of hurtful.

Love your blog. Found you ... um....somewhere. I forget where now. I think Samster.com (if not, check her out..she's funny). I'm adding you to my reader...probably my blog roll when I get around to updating the bloody thing! :-)