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Thursday, February 19, 2009


So Boy Mom told me I had to do a letter. I started my list on the letter F, but the Mrs. told me that I had to do another letter. She gave me the letter "S". I told her it would be really easy, but she told me I had to maintain a G rating. That will make it a little more difficult, but we'll see how I do. So here are my ten favorite things that start with "S".

1. Steak-I like mine medium rare. Marinate in teriakyi, add some mushrooms and some potatoes on the side, and I am in heaven.

2. Songs-My favorite time in church is singing praise and worship. The people around me don't like my singing, but I love to do it. There is no better way for me to feel close to God.

3. Survivor-Yes, that show is still on. It is the reason that I bought a DVR. I love to watch it and analyze it. I tell you what, I could win that thing. It is always the useless people who make it to the end because they are not a threat. If only there wasn't that whole being away for more then 40 days and eating things that are still moving. That's sort of a deal breaker.

4. Sugar cereal-The Mrs. mentioned my affinity for Peanut Butter Captain Crunch. I tell you what, that is ecstasy in a bowl. I once heard that crack addicts eat a lot of sugar cereal. Well, give me a pipe and 3 inch mattress in the corner, because if I get to eat PBCC all day long, I'm in!

5. Snaring polyps-You had to know work would make it's way in here somehow. When doing a Colonoscopy and you find a polyp (An abnormal growth in the colon. Some types if left to grow can turn into a cancer), you take out a snare and lop the sucker off. You get to play with electricity too, what better fun can be had?

6. Soccer-I hate to watch it on TV, but Saturday soccer games that my boys play in are as fun as it gets. I try not to embarrass the kids too much on the side lines screaming, I mean giving instructions. It is fun to see my kids go all out at anything other than hurting one another.

7. Sleep-I hear it's great.

8. Smiles-Seeing and hearing my kids laugh and have a good time is great therapy.

9. Showers-I love hot showers. I love to stand there in a steam induced trance and feel the stress of the world wash off of me and spin down the drain. I love the feeling of being clean. I love that all I can hear and feel is what is inside that shower. Then the hot water runs out and I hate the shower.

10. Spending time with the Mrs. Now, I am not going to get all sappy here like last week. The Mrs. let everyone know on Monday that it ain't always a fairy tale around here. With that said, she is the one person in this world that I enjoy being around the most. We met when we were 18, and with 36 being just around the corner, there is no person that I would rather spend half my life with. I know her more than anyone in the world, and I am still getting to know her.

That is my list. Have a Super day.


mommy4life said...

Great list! I think you earned a few brownie points with #10, you sappy romantic, you!

Chris said...

Great list. With the exception of the polyps, I'm with you on all of it! Well, maybe not the crack pipe. LOL

Jewel said...

Great S's, NB! Steak is right up there on my list, too..Mmmm! It is my favorite food!

3 Peas in a Pod said...

That was a great list!

Survivor is one of my favorite shows although I don't think I could win it. I can't eat things that are still moving. I want to gag just thinking about it.

I wish my family lived in the same state as yours. It would be fun to hang out with all 6 kids.

Happy Friday!!

Much love from NJ,

Boy Mom said...

Yummmm steak, with mushrooms and a baked potato! You're our kind of people! But then, we've already established that.

Go Diego Go! hilarious!

Shweeeet S list!

Mummy McTavish said...

Electricity and other peoples internal organs... Your Job Rocks!

Mother Mayhem said...

I've heard rumors about #7 myself. ;o)

Chaos-Jamie said...

showers? You can TELL you're a MAN. Peaceful, huh? MUST BE NICE. I bet you even get to take them ALONE sometimes.