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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gussie and Dink

Today I went to the funeral of one of the most inspirational women I have known. Her name was Gussie. She and her husband were such a loving couple. When the little lady and I first started going to our church, we noticed Gussie. She and her husband seemed giddy to be around each other every time we saw them. We asked them their secret one night when we invited them to speak to our small group. There was no secret, they just chose to show the love they had for each other. I am so glad that she is able to show her love for the Lord in heaven now. I am heart broken for Gerald.

I spent some time with a widow yesterday who had a similar story as Gussie, only it was the husband that died. Her name is Florence. She still misses her husband every waking hour. I am so blessed to be around these people, and to have known Gussie and Dink.
I hope that when I die everyone will know how much I love Jesus, and how much I love my wife. I hope that someone can be inspired by my relationship with both of them, the same way I am inspired by these people. I am not excited about getting older, but I am excited to have the time to show my wife the love she deserves daily. To shower her so she can't help but to have it overflow on the people she is around. That is what we all experienced, and I can't wait for my turn to be on the giving end.

I love you little lady! I always will.

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Chrisi and Silas said...

Oh my goodness! Nurse Boy, you brought tears to my eyes. I can only imagine how the Mrs. felt when she read that! Keep up the good work!