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Monday, June 30, 2008

Chores, Chores, and More Chores

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

Oh, how I hate chores. They seem to pile up even more during the summer when we are all home racing in and out of the house.

This summer I have been trying to train the kids to help out A LOT more around here. Do you realize how much work this is? The perfectionist in me can hardly stand it!!! I should redo most of what they do, but I simply cannot do that. (Except when they are in bed and snoring.) So, for all of my visitors this summer, I am sorry about the state of my home. Hopefully, they will be trained soon and I will have energy to do other things in my life.

And, I want to know where MY allowance is?!?! What special thing do I get to save up for this summer?

1 comment:

Chaos-Jamie said...

I have no answer.

I have yelled a lot, but it hasn't changed a thing.

But you are welcome at my dirty home anytime.