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Monday, June 23, 2008

Kids Say the Funniest Things!

Mrs. Nurse Boy again. (Maybe I should rename this blog. Nurse Boy seems to have sooooo much to say that he is simply unable to blog! Don't fear, he has A LOT going on right now. I think he is waiting until he future is more clear before he shares it with the internet.)

We took a dear friend to dinner tonight. She is simply the sweetest person and always makes a big fuss over our kids, which earns her even more brownie points. She mentioned how I should be writing down all of the funny things the kids say.

I don't really need to do that, do I? I am young and spend ALL of my time with them. How could I possibly forget the things they say? Some of the things they say even makes my face turn three shades of red, sometimes in front of my pastor or my doctor. I can only hope I will forget!

Well, it turns out that I have already forgotten many things. Tonight our dear friend reminded me of something Dimples and a friend of his said back in kindergarten. And, since I was hoping to do some light random blogging about the crazy things my kids do and say, I will share it with you.

I was driving my son's friend home from school when I overheard a conversation in the back of the van. Let me start by saying that the older kids at church were studying the Ten Commandments.

Friend: I know some of the Ten Commandments, do you?

Dimples: Yeah, let me think......... Oh, I know one!.......... You should never use the Lord's name in German.

Friend: Yeah, I already knew that one!

You just gotta love that!

1 comment:

mommy4life said...

I wish kids would do and say the funny things in front of strangers sometimes.....

I agree pastor and doctor are the worst. My boy pulled down his pants in pastor's office a few weeks ago....

Yea!!! with a capital Y.