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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to Our Little Princess!

You are three today! How is that possible?

It seems like it was only yesterday I told your dad that God gave me your name, before you were even born or conceived, that meant "whole or complete."

It seems like it was only yesterday that I told Dimples I was pregnant with you and he cried tears of joy. He knew you were a girl because he had been praying for a sister for "a long time."

It seems like it was only yesterday when your Daddy and I went to have a sonogram and you refused to reveal your "feminine side."

It seems like it was only yesterday when I begged the doctor to do another sonogram in her office to confirm my certainty that you were a girl. Dr. Fisher was able to confirm you were a girl and I was so excited that I barely slept that night. Silly? I think not! I was going to have some pink in my home!

It seems like it was only yesterday when your daddy and I got to hold you in our arms for the first time. Our family was complete.

It seems like it was only yesterday when you peed all over me during MANY diaper changes...and I thought only boys did that.

It seems like it was only yesterday when you said, "Mommy!" for the first time. I immediately suggested you say, "Daddy!" because you were the third and I knew you would be calling out for me at night and daddy would use that against me. Don't think he didn't...

It seems like it was only yesterday when you ran to Dimples for comfort when mommy and daddy disciplined you. (Dimples is always happy to comfort you.)

It seems like it was only yesterday when your brothers became very protective of you. They have even been known to "protect" you from your parents' discipline and firm words of correction.

It seems like it was only yesterday when you demanded to be prayed over and sung to every night while being tucked into bed. Something we never refuse...

It seems like it was only yesterday when you sang "Jesus Loves Me" loudly and proudly, all by yourself.

And, it WAS yesterday when you gave me a big hug, a kiss on the check, and whispered, "I love you, Mommy!" in my ear...

I love you, too, Sweet Pea! Happy Birthday!


3 Peas in a Pod said...

Happy Birthday sweet pea!! This tribute was beautiful. Time flies way too fast. Aren't you glad you have this blog to remember most of it? I know I am.

Hope you're all having a grand celebration today.

Much love from NJ,

Sheila said...

Happy birthday to Sweet Pea! And you are a beautiful princess!!

Boy Mom said...

Sweet, sweet, Sweet Pea! Happy Birthday. You are such a beautiful princess! You and your mommy are beautiful, you are blessed to have big brothers and a Daddy who love and protect you. You are especially blessed to have parents that teach you about Heaven, Jesus, and loving and serving others!

Hope all of you have a wonderful day!

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea. Have a bite of cake & ice cream for me.

Suz said...

Sweet Pea Happy Birthday!!! Lily loved your dress. We know all about princesses here. Crazy soccer and princesses. Maybe one day our girls will be soccer princesses.

Mom and Dad, let's just hope our girls keep that feminine side hidden until their wedding day, LOL.

jenjen said...

Hi there! What a cutie - Happy Birthday!

Thanks for coming over and saying hi! I love your blog! Your family is so beautiful!

I am excited to get to know you better!


Mother Mayhem said...

Happy Birthday! So sweet! :o)

I didn't know little girls could pee straight up either. LOL.

HeatherPride said...

So sweet!! Happy birthday, big girl!! Yes, the time does fly when our children are concerned!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Such a wonderful birthday post. I hope that you and your family have an absolutely grand time celebrating.

Three is a very, very big year.



Mountain Mama said...

When I saw the name of your blog at Mother Mayhem's I had to come for a visit.
Having raised five children I can totally relate to your blog name.
I enjoyed your post about little pea's third birthday very much. In fact I could relate so well it brought tears.
I am now a great grandmother to fourteen precious little ones. I enjoyed mothering very muc and miss it at times, at least the good parts of it.

Mummy McTavish said...

Oh sweet little Sweet Pea, Happy Birthday! The things you have taught your parents over those three years, and the things you have yet to teach them (evil laugh goes here).

I love the princess dress, I'd get one myself but I don't think they come in my size:(