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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nursery Boy

In honor of our two year blogiversary coming up in May, I am going take the opportunity during the next two weeks to post just a few of my favorite posts from way back when 2 of you were reading this blog. This one is an old post from Nurse Boy. It was a post I almost didn't let him publish (I think you will understand why). However, there are two lines in here that make me laugh until I cry every time. I hope you enjoy it!

My wife is the director of the nursery at my church. That means that I have to work the nursery some, err, a lot! I enjoy it on Wednesday nights. Sunday is a different story. I listen longingly as praise and worship plays on the speakers on Sunday. But that is not what this blog is about. This blog is about Wednesday night.

I worked with another man tonight. He is my father's age. He is one of my role models, since he is amazing with the kids. He has fun with them, while at the same time he has expectations of them. Anyway, tonight was a big night. We recently changed the rules so we now have 18 months until age 4 all in the same room. The 3 year olds can go to preschool if they are potty trained and can sit through a lesson. Needless to say, we have a couple of three year old hold outs. One of them gets dropped off poopy 75% of the time. The kid is as big as Kevin James. I did not know they made size 40 diapers. I think they correspond with waist size.

Anyway, this kid fights every time you change his diaper. I am not talking whining and kicking. I'm saying the kid moves like a ninja and has the power of a sumo. A sumo with poop in his thong.

Anyway, that is not what this blog is about either. This blog is about a little girl who does not like people she does not know. This girl is watched by a woman in our church. She does not want to be dropped off in the nursery. She typically cries and flinches from the workers until they get her child care provider out of pity. Tonight, she was dropped off and we were told that she does not like men much and we should get a woman.

First of all, that girl does not like people. And second, we should get a woman? Like we stash women in the back that we can tag out with when the going gets tough. Mr. Chuck and Nurse Boy are pros, though. We don't need no stinkin' woman. Get a WOMAN? We had those ten kids forgettin they had parents tonight. The girl ended up having fun, and she even gave us five before the night was over. This from a girl who would hide in her hands if you said her name.

So, the moral of this blog is: Women are overrated.


Chris said...

"A sumo with poop in his thong." Oh my gosh!! I 'bout peed myself!!

2 thumbs up on the post. 1 thumb down and the other up my nose at the moral. =p~

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

Women may be overrated, but I'd hate to think of a world without them.
The vision of a sumo with poop in his thong cracks me up. I don't do diapers, so I'd hate to change one of those.

Theresa said...

As soon as I read about the sumo poop, I KNEW that Sir was going to comment. (Doesn't do diapers, is a HUGE understatement.)

Sometimes men who are willing to get down and play/teach/act with the little ones, get much more response than any woman can. I've watched it happen with Sir and lots of children around our church and family. He has actually had some children that begged to be allowed to come back to his 3rd-4th grade class when then were in Middle School!

Mother Mayhem said...


Men who willingly tend and teach children are a blessing from God. :o)

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Such a brilliant idea to feature posts from the early days. If they are anything like this, the two weeks will fly right by.

It really does take a creative mind to come up with a line like, "poop in his thong."


Tiffany said...

What a lovely, vivid picture of a sumo with poop in his thong. Thanks - I'm dying here! My stomach hurts so bad from laughing!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

The visuals were too much!!! LOL
Please let my husband know that since women are overrated-I am heading out on a vacation...I am sure EVERYTHING will be JUST fine!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

O.K., so I wrote that post back when all of the people who read this blog knew me in person. I was hopeing to get them riled up with that last line but they did not bite then. I don't want all of the nice people who read because of the Mrs. to be offended. Women are not "overrated".

I just exceed expectations.

Thats all.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

So, there you have it folks: Nurse Boy just admitted that I am the nice one! ;0)

The Mrs.

mommy4life said...

So you wanted a rise out of us, huh?

I remember this original post, but I don't remember whether or not I responded.

I would have given my right arm to have you or Mr Chuck with my little one tonight!

There are certainly times I feel overrated!

Lisa (Jonny's Mommy) said...

Oh we are are we? Well...you try nursing a baby when he/she is hungry then you big lug. :-)

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Jonny's Mommy,
Not useless! Just overrated. I admit, my breast feeding skills are not so hot. I am just a furry passifier, when it comes to a breast fed kid. The kid in question was almost four at the time though. I think even the lelechie league would admit I am adequate for 90 minutes though.

Jewel said...

I hardly know what to say except that I am impressed that two men, one of them a bit older, worked the nursery at church! Wow! You two deserved big awards of some kind!
AND I know in my heart that you really do see the true worth of women, Mr. NB! *smile*
My husband just can't hardly handle a pooey diaper though. Geesh, I can hardly handle some of Jaylon's pooey diapers...*whew*
AND I cared for a little boy who was going on 4 years of age and still was not potty trained. When he needed his diaper changed he would lay down on the floor and stick his legs in the air! I about died!!! He came from a very good family and was an intelligent little guy, cute as a button, but it was almost more than I could take!

Mummy McTavish said...

We don't have a creche during church but during our weekly bible study I don't leave nappy change stuff with my kids so that whoever is looking after them (only one still wears a nappy) doesn't feel like they need to take care of those little issues.

As for women being overrated... I have tried to convince my husband and kids of this but they insist on calling me for the smallest things "mummy, dragon is bleeding on the carpet" "mummy, Lion has his head stuck again" "Mummy, Daddy is missing a finger" see what I mean... EVERYTHING needs mummy!