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Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday's Random Musings

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

Nothing but random thoughts today, so here it goes...

***Why do I always forget at least ONE item at the grocery store? Then, I'll send Nurse Boy to the store for said item. When he returns, I immediately realize that there was yet another item I cannot live without.

***I need to own stock in stain stick! I even checked Costco for my favorite brand. I came out empty handed. Too bad because I go through about a gallon a week. Give or take.

***Is there anything cuter than a preschooler declaring, "I'm free (three)!" to anyone and everyone? A close second would be, "Thank you for kissing my ouchie, Mommy."

***Note to self: Do not--I repeat, do not take Nurse Boy to Sweet Pea's annual portrait sessions. He actually spends more money than I do. Who knew?

***Springtime means I can't get enough fresh air, long walks, and ice cream. Some thing's wrong with that picture, huh?

***Saturday we awoke to rain. Lots of it. With 2 soccer games on the itinerary. While I groaned, my boys were so excited about running in the rain and sliding in the mud. All I could think about was the laundry. I guess that's what makes me a mom...

***Do not turn on the news. Ever. Or, at least until 2020. It seems there is nothing positive to report.

***Our economy is in the toilet, people are losing their jobs left and right, yet my grocery bill keeps going up. What? So frustrating...

***On a positive note, we did celebrate Sweet Pea's arrival to the big number "free". It was all about pink, princesses, Dora, pretty dresses, and, well, PINK! She had a blast while her brothers and their GI Joes attacked Cinderella and her pink castle.

Happy Monday everyone!


Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

How's this for cute, a preschooler saying he was born on November the onest. Mom was crushed when I figured out that it was first, not onest.

What you need to do is find an ice cream shop that is a good long walk away. Walk to it enjoying the fresh air, walk home enjoying ice cream.

Mother Mayhem said...

Pink is good. Not sure about the storming of the castle though... LOL

I don't watch the news. Makes my life much more pleasant.

Who knew you could suffer sticker shock at the grocery store? SIGH.

Ruby Red Slippers said...

I was on the news tonight with my kids!!!
However, we almost missed it, due to the fact that we had to have it on mute because they showed a:
pipe bomb being disabled,
a murder in Detroit,
and how much devistation the rain is causing around town-roofs caved in and people crying.
Nice-and in our two second blurb of the Lions new Logo...
I am with you on the no news thing-even on mute, my kids were tramatized...

Boy Mom said...

Spring mud,ack! Mine made a swimming pool out of my front flower bed. Soaking things in powdered Cascade dish soap and water is amazing for removing stains.

Love all the pinkness. Adorable Hubby is a sucker for pictures too.

Suz said...

"Soccer in the rain! Soccer in the wind , snow and hail!" Isn't that a song? Or just me whinning. We get to watch our oldest play today in 79 degrees, yeppie!

There is absoultely nothing wrong with walks and ice cream. It eat ice cream for dinner sometimes. Don't tell the kids.

Does Sweet Pea get upset when the princesses get attacked? Lil' gets raving mad when Milo attacks the castle. I say she should get over it. It is Milos castle any way. Poor Lil' doesn't have her own PINK castle to play with. Sweet Pea is lucky.

Jewel said...

I love the new pictures of your precious children!! They are beautiful! Well...okay...the boys are really handsome? I mean, you can call sweetpea beautiful and cute but what do boys want to be called? They are all lookers!! *smile*

Lisa (Jonny's Mommy) said...

I just can't watch the news anymore. When I leave the newspaper I go home and watch the dumbest thing on I can find. I let Jonathan watch Dora or Diego or whatever mind numbing children's show he wants just so I don't have to know if someone was murdered or someone died or any other horrid thing.

Well, anyhow, on that downer....I tried for a photo with Jonathan the other day. No luck. Maybe I will take Hubby with me this time and maybe he will spend money and I won't feel guilty! Ha!

Val said...

Thanks for the comment!
I definitely have to read a bit more, this place is great :)

Anyway, totally hear you about the forgotten grocery store items. And the prices. And the news. And just about everything.

And I totally love "free"! That is too cute!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

I have to tell you that item #1 made me laugh the most. I think the forgetting one item at the grocery store is a law of nature...especially for mothers.

We just have too many other things cluttering up our brain!


3 Peas in a Pod said...

Ooohhh soccer in the rain. Not much fun for the parents. We just started t-ball and it was better than expected. As me that in 8 weeks.

Stain stick is a necessity with boys. I used to be the stain master. Now I have Peyton who is such a mess with playdoh, markers, you name it. She's keeping them in business.

Never watch the news anymore. It's depressing. I figure if there's something really important I need to know about my hubby or parents will tell me. Sad but true.

Much love from NJ,

mommy4life said...

If only I had a remedy for the stain issue.....

And I think I am losing my mind because I am ALWAYS making a trip to the store for the crucial final ingredient for dinner....and usually dragging four kids in with me.

Mummy McTavish said...

I love your randomness, it's always so, um, random.

We have 2 great icecream shops on the strand here. You park the car a long way from the icecream shop, walk there with the beautiful sea breeze, eat your icecream, walk back to the car and feel like you did nothing wrong eating that icecream because you had a big walk didn't you?