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Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday's Random Musings

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

It's is Monday and it is time for some of my randomness...

Sweet Pea has learned to taunt her friends and family by singing, "Nah nah a poo poo, you can't catch me!" while running off squealing and giggling in hopes that someone, anyone, will chase her. All I want to know is where did she learn it as "POO POO"? It is so embarrassing.

The other day we parked next to the "Lifeguard of the week." What does it say about us when the 16 year old lifeguard has a nicer car than ours? Just wondering...

On our way home from church yesterday, my parents called Nurse Boy's cell phone. They were stranded at Walmart where their last running vehicle wouldn't start. They have 3 cars between the 2 of them. All 3 of their cars had problems this weekend. Don't ya just love cars???


Nobody should have to be stranded at a Walmart. EVER. For ANY length of time. And, I am pretty sure my father would give me an, "AMEN!"

Nurse Boy and my father then spent the day trying to fix 2 out of 3 of the cars while I held my breath. When the two of them start "repairing" things, you just never know what will happen. They got one car up and running and used our AAA membership to tow the one stranded at Walmart to the family mechanic.

No, he isn't a family member. Doesn't everyone have a mechanic that the whole family uses? Or, is that just because we are all too cheap to drive newer cars? All I know is that our family has single handily put Mike's firstborn through college. And, maybe even the second born.
Nurse Boy has one final assignment for the summer regarding his schooling. Honestly, he couldn't be less motivated. It kind of reminds me of the college years all over again. Well, the college years with kids, a mortgage, a full time job, and a whole lot of "To-do's" that never seem to get done. No wonder why he is lacking motivation. So, why were we always finding reasons to procrastinate when we were young, carefree, and without too many responsibilities?
This week I read that summer is the only season that is too long and too short all at the same time. I couldn't agree more! I am so tired of keeping the kids actively entertained, yet I am not ready to get back into a strict routine and not have my children home with me all of the time. It isn't over yet, so I'll try to remain laid back and just enjoy!
Public pools are not kind to pedicures. My toes are looking abandoned and sad. Good thing I do my own pedicures.
Have some randomness to share? Join me and let me know in the comments!

Have a happy Monday!


Mummy McTavish said...

I love your randomness...
No, 16 year olds should not have a better car than you. We should all be assigned cars based on how long and how well we have been driving... no money involved... if you have been driving for a long time and with few "incidents" then you should have something fancy and possibly even a chauffer... 16 year olds should have nothing but "old heaps" until they prove themselves responsible enough... they should also have a gas guzzler until they learn the value of being able to put petrol in their car and I on the other hand should have something that runs off carbondioxide in the air pumping beautiful fresh oxygen out to help the environment... you know, since you were dreaming and all I thought I would join in. Unfortunately the fact remains that most 16 year olds have more disposable income than you and I (probably both of us put together) and will always have nicer cars than us. Life sucks.

Deb said...

My 3-year-old is the new Princess of Random. She just looked at me yesterday and said, "Mommy, we need a new Dexy." I said, "What's wrong with the one we have?" She said, "No, I mean we need another one." "You want me to have another baby?" "Yes," she said.

Just random. Then she started chanting "booty-butt, booty-butt," and running around the room.

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

The 16 year old life gaurd has a better car than you because he has no house payment, utility bills or insurance payments. At 16 his parents still provide all that, so what does he have to spend his money on? Cars & chicks. A nice car can be a chick magnet.

Lisa (Jonnysmommy) said...

His car was better than yours? Little brat.

Anyhooo..you are right -- not a good thing to be stranded at Wal-Mart. I'd probably keep buying little tools I don't need...things like hair ties and little notebooks and pens and hand wipes and .... all because they are $.99 for 3 and a "Rollback!" Whoo-hoo!

My randomness will be up a little later. I still have a couple random items I wanted to add, but haven't had time.

Have you heard about little Stellan...he is the little boy with a rapid heart beat and he isn't doing well. Please pray for him, if you think of it, today.

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

I completely agree with your Wal-Mart scenario and the summer deep thought. So true! AND... what the heck on the 16yo's car?? Don't his/ her parents know that it will be crashed in a matter of months? Apparently they have a family mechanic, too!

My brain is tired right now, but I will have to come back later with more random input. Lord knows I have a ton of it piled up in here!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

There must be something about "potty talk" that is just too tempting to resist. My kids are the same as you describe.

When we were meeting my Mom for lunch the other day, my son screamed, Grandma I made peeeeeeee-peeeeeee!

It was brilliant.


Suz said...

I bet the 16yr old is driving his parents car, because his klunker is at the mechanics! ;)

Nurse Boy don't give up. Get your butt a moving and get that last assignment done. It is all the responsiblites that SHOULD motivate us, HA, uhmm over whelm us. Good luck.

Love ya.

Mother Mayhem said...

Beats what we kids used to taunt each other... Nanny Nanny boo boo - Stick your head in doo doo. A classic guaranteed to get your mouth washed out with soap. ;o)

Hang in there, Nurse Boy!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Lifegards with better cars? what are the parents thinking??!!
I love all the randomness-I think like that...
I am too tired to think random-but here it goes-VBS-why am I helping this year instead of taking a break from all the kids, including my own???

Queen to my 3 Boys said...

"Nah nah a poo poo..."

That's hilarious!

But...my boys will not be hearing about this! They'd be all over it.

Kari said...

So nice of you to put your mechanics first born through college. Care to share the love??? BTW - the lifeguard's parents bought him the car or a car lot, with the 0% interest took advantage of the boy whose lifeguard job, in a couple months, will not suffice in paying for the car note and full coverage insurance ;o)

Rachel said...

Umm, yeah... we had our own Mike who afforded his summer home by repairing my first car eleventy hundred times. And just say NO to being stuck at Walmart! Especially on hot days where everyone seems to strip down... like Mr. Daddy says, Spandex is a privilege, not a right.

Loved your random thoughts - enjoy the rest of your summer fun!