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Saturday, July 5, 2008


We went to see fireworks last night for the first time in about six years. They were very enjoyable. The kids did like them, but were not enthralled like I thought they might be. We went to a spot that seemed perfect. There were very few people around, so we did not have to feel too bad about our obnoxious kids. But, we did not escape the post fireworks traffic jam. Right when I was about to exclaim that we would not see fireworks for another six years, it came on the radio. It was a dance remix that blended two of the most sophisticated songs of my generation. They were Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice, and Nasty Boys by Janet Jackson. It had us rolling for about 15 minutes with lines like this:

Quick to the point like the point I'm making, cooking MC's like a pound of bacon... uh huh, I know... oh, you nasty boys.

The wife and I were laughing so much the traffic jam was more of a blessing. If you are wondering what the point of this particular blog entry is, it has to be that:

If this blog were a drug, I would sell it by the gram.

Ice Ice Nurse Boy

Too cold, too cold.


Chaos-Jamie said...

shut UP! They did not! What radio station?

Did you know Hub's partner's partner is friends with Ice? Six degrees, baby. Every time he comes to the bar, it sells out to the 30 something crowd. Our generation is so lame. (Did I say lame? No, we couldn't be lame.)

Imperfect Mom said...

Was your rag top down so your hair could blow?

Nurse Boy said...

Chaos: Not sure what station it was, but it wasn't 88.5.

Imperfect: As far as the rag top? Word to your mother.
(im not sure if that's yes or no)

Nurse Boy said...

Man I miss the 90's!! You guys are making me laugh OUT LOUD!!! I am now craving some more dance mix! Funny stuff!

Mrs. Nurse Boy