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Monday, July 7, 2008

Terrible Two's, Here We Are...

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

I really don't think the two's are terrible at all. (But DON'T even get me started on three's.) I mean, sometimes the two year old IS terrible, but they are still so stinkin' cute. That cuteness simply saves their lives. I mean it! They still have those chubby cheeks and legs and an adorable little tummy. One look and your heart melts just a little.

I often tell Sweet Pea that she is being a booger. Now she will do something she is not suppose to do and look me in the eyes and say,"Booger." I realize I shouldn't be calling her that, but she does crack me up when she says it back.

Well, today Sweet Pea was coming off of her holiday sugar high. I always think am I controlling their diet better than this. Today it was obvious that those chubby checks had "suckered" some other people into giving her sweets. I won't name any names, but let's just say I tend to stand alone in some of my firm ways.

I had three bags of candy up on the kitchen counter from the 4th of July parade. Needless to say, the kids had cleaned house during the parade. I didn't even think Sweet Pea knew where the candy was. Not only is she a booger, but a smart one at that. While Dimples was reading and "watching" her in the kitchen, she pushed the chair up to the counter and helped her little two year old self to a sucker. She immediately left the room and began to enjoy the hard earned treasure. I found her and took the stickiness away. She cried. I did not cave. She still cried. I folded laundry...it is Monday after all and it was piled high...do I get an amen?

A few minutes later, I break away from the foolishness that I like to call laundry after the holiday weekend, and I found Sweet Pea in front of the television (that SHE had turned on) eating a STARBURST! WHAT! Oh, she is cute, but I made her spit it out and turn off the T.V.

Finally, I decided that I MUST be smarter than a two year old, but I do realize I am NOT smarter than a fifth grader (fun show, though). So, I place the three bags on top of the fridge. I hold my breath, realizing if she is smarter than me, she just might kill herself standing on the counter. However, she is afraid of heights. Will the need for candy over ride the fear of heights?

I continue to fold laundry. Next time I check in the kitchen, the chair is pushed up to the fridge. The fear seemed to win out. She left the kitchen without a sugary snack and I AM SMARTER THAN A TWO YEAR OLD.

Now, I must go fold some laundry and run the washer since everyone had to wear more clothes today. Whatever...


Nurse Boy said...

You may have won the battle, but I will win the war. Just wait until daddy come home.

Sweat Pea

mommy4life said...

Mrs. Nurse Boy -

I sympathize soooo much. Gigi is just starting to test us. She does things while looking straight at you and bunching up her nose and smiling..... (We use booger too and the Boy has started taking offense for Gigi, since He can't stand name-calling.)

BTW - I hear the "Niecey Nash" in you with all your "foolishness" talk.

Nurse Boy said...

I LOVE Niecey Nash and all of the foolishness that she rids the world of...that might be an exaggeration, but she cracks me up!!!