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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I Warned Her

We did not inherit the best shower fixtures. The cold handle has jiggled since we moved in. Every now and then MNB(Mrs. Nurse Boy) decides that it is jiggling too much. It A.- always jiggles too much and B.- is not jiggling any more than it did yesterday. But today it's an emergency. Anyway, the last time I tightened it I warned her we could never get that handle off again, because in an effort to get it to actually tighten it I stripped it out. Well we had a new emergency last night. All of the fresh water in the universe was going to drip out of our faucet. That is quite a bill you know. Anywho, in an effort to still problem solve I may have wrenched the handle in a complete 360 which then tore the metal thingy inside it, gently. We have suddenly surpassed my plumbing ability. So the $375.00 that is took to fix my mistake is actually less than our bill would have been for the 3 trillion gallon drip that would have occurred if MNB had never sent me up there. So I saved us money. Who knew that my unprecedented strength would get us into plumbing trouble. I suppose my massive pythons don't know their own strength.

The moral of the story is you don't call a pre-plumber to do a plumbers work.

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