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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kid's Play

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.
Well, we went to the Topeka Zoo and had a blast! I would highly recommend the trip! It is a simple zoo with plenty of animals to see. We covered the ENTIRE zoo in just under 2 hours. And we definitely went at a slow pace. The picture you see above was right after we entered the zoo gates. It was also the last time Sweet Pea spent any time in her stroller. She RAN through the zoo and loved every minute of it!

We visited the orangutans. I know, it is hard to tell the difference between the moneys and the kids.

They even had statues and play equipment to play on!

The animals were close by and so easy to see! We really enjoyed the elephants.

I love this picture of Nurse Boy and his princess...although, I often think he is creating a monster, rather than a princess. The QUEEN will have to take care of that!

After the zoo, we walked across the parking lot to the park. We ate lunch, played on the playground, and rode the train. The park was probably just as much fun as the zoo. When we finally got back in the car, we were hot and tired. It was a perfect day with the family!

But, please remember, my children do like to keep me humble.

As we were driving home, Nurse Boy and I were discussing the successful trip and planning the next time we can visit the Topeka Zoo. Out of the blue, Bruiser speaks up.

"Mom? Dad? What special thing are we going to do when we get home?"

I won't share our response, but he IS still alive and well.

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Chaos-Jamie said...

the ingratitude, I tell ya.