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Thursday, July 31, 2008


Is it normal...
  • for your 2 year old to play in the toilet with her toothbrush? While sucking on the openned tube of toothpaste?
  • to find you son's missing flip flop in the gutters?
  • to have toys in every crevice of every room?
  • for your son to grow out of all of his jeans in one week?
  • for your freshly mopped floor to be covered with an unknown sticky substance 5 minutes later?
  • to always have at least 3 loads of laundry in the hamper (even if you spent the entire day doing the laundry)?
  • to always have a dishwasher FULL of dirty dishes?
  • to ALWAYS have urine behind the toilet?
  • to be interrupted at least 16 times for every 5 minute conversation you attempt to have with your husband?
  • to lock yourself in your room or the bathroom in order to be able to talk on the phone?
  • to count down the days until school starts? (18)

I am beginning to think we are not normal...

And, if this is normal, can't I be weird on occasion?

Mrs. Nurse Boy, signing off for another "normal" day...


mommy4life said...

I hope I'm "normal".? I can identify with just about every item on your list. (Maybe everyone is abnormal).

Chaos-Jamie said...

Yes, yes it is.