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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

For the Love of Shopping

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

I started staying home when Dimples was about 7 months old. I remember that it was a huge adjustment. I felt like I had nothing but time, and yet I still had so much to accomplish each and everyday. After a few months at home, Dimples and I ventured out and visited my old job. Everyone was excited to see us, except for a few jealous mothers who wanted to stay home. I could never quite get them to understand that my decision to stay home was not without sacrifice (mostly financial). One said mother asked me if I kept up with the soaps and ate bon bons all day. REALLY. She really did say that! And, with a straight face and very serious tone of voice! I was at a complete loss for words.

Why, yes! That is exactly what I do with my time. I know about all of the love triangles on daytime T.V. and I can really pack away the chocolate treats. And, when I am coming down from my sugar high, I like to take a three hour nap. What about Dimples, you ask? Well, he is pretty independent at 9 months of age. He can take care of the laundry, meal planning, grocery shopping, dishes and meal preparation. Me? I like to sit on my rump all day and watch the great talent that is Susan Lucci.

Oh, I know she doesn't represent the majority of working moms out there. It is just a memory I can't shake.

Anyway, fast forward about eight years. I now have the two boys in school full time and am staying home with Sweet Pea. Honestly, it has been glorious. I feel so guilty even typing that out loud. I am down to one child. I honestly think it is time to break out the bon bons and start watching the soaps. Only kidding, of course. I have been dreaming of girly things Emma and I can do. The only problem? She is two. I want to get our hair and nails done and enjoy a relaxing day at the spa, but she is still trying (mostly not trying) to pee and poop in the potty. Who wants to be at the spa with a stinky diaper? Not this mama! Oh, and did I mention that the spa would have to be FREE, ya know, that whole financial sacrifice thing.

So, last week we went to a Mr. Stinky Feet concert and went shopping. I actually enjoyed shopping with Sweet Pea. We weren't gone for too long. As we were walking back to the car, I couldn't find my keys right away. No big deal. I am carrying a huge purse, since Sweet Pea insists on pooping in her pants and I must be prepared for her to turn into Stink Pea at any given moment. I get to the car and unload the contents of my purse onto the parking lot. I am pretty sure this is a great way to get mugged, but a girl has to get home. (And, who wants to mug a lady with only 76 cents in her purse?) The whole time I am talking to Sweet Pea about my keys. I get to the bottom of my purse and not a key in sight. I fill my purse back up and tell Sweet Pea that we have to go find mommy's keys. At that moment, she hands me MY KEYS! Apparently, I am raising a Houdini!

Maybe she wasn't finished shopping.

A girl after my own heart!


mommy4life said...

Can you lend Sweet Pea out to help find my keys?

Nurse Boy said...

I think they are in her toy box :0)

Chaos-Jamie said...

You are beginning to make me laugh as hard as Nurse Boy used to.

I've noticed that only having one at home is glorious also. When it was only Eldest I could get nothing done. With this one I complain that I get nothing done, but I do tons. And eat bon bons also.