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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tasty Reading?

Mrs. Nurse Boy here, of course.

Nurse Boy has had a very BUSY week and there seems to be no end in sight. He actually has school work due THIS WEEKEND (yes, I know it is Labor Day weekend, tell that to his professors) and he is on call for the next four days. I tell you, it is just fun for the whole family!

I know it will be all worth it. And, it is only for the next 3 or 4 years, but we are only on WEEK 2. 3 or 4 years seems like an eternity. I know it isn't when I look at my eight and five year old boys. Just yesterday I was feeding them in the middle of the night while mumbling something about, "When will you grow up and sleep when it is dark outside?" That really seems like it was yesterday...maybe because I haven't slept through the night for the last eight years. Oh, I kid.

Today, I spent the morning volunteering at the boys' school. I left Sweet Pea with her father. Nurse Boy had today off and had a mound of school work. Naturally, he thought he could watch her AND get work done. "Naturally", because he is the Father. He is not the mother who lives in the reality of "nothing seems to ever get accomplished when you have a two year old on your heels and a to do list a mile long."

When I returned home two hours later, he was on the floor playing with Sweet Pea. I asked how much he had accomplished and he laughed. Apparently, she would lick the pages of his book to get his attention every time he tried to read. What can I say? It worked! I must say, she is clever. A little weird, but clever none the less.

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