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Monday, August 25, 2008

To Blog or Not To Blog...

Mrs. Nurse Boy here. We have so much going on right now. I am afraid Nurse Boy won't be blogging until summer of 2011. I hope I am wrong, but it is not looking good. He worked most of the weekend and spent his "free time" on school work. His GI Lab was moving into a new and IMPROVED lab this weekend. Things should simmer down very soon..at least that is my story and I'm sticking to it. God and I have already been conversing. This could be a rough three years for ME, much less Nurse Boy. You see, my love language is quality time. It is hard to sneak in some quality time when Nurse Boy is too tired to muster up a complete thought, idea, or sentence.

But, that is not what I am blogging about.

I overheard a conversation at soccer practice last week that made my skin crawl. So, lucky for you, I will now share the horrible conversation that made my blood boil. Are you sure you want to keep reading? Really? Well, o.k.

So, these two moms were discussing the start of the school year. It started off innocent enough... Ya know, "How does 'Bobby' like the third grade?" "Does 'Johnny' like his teacher?" Etc.

Then came the discussion of homework. This is where it all went downhill.

"Bobby has entirely too much homework. I don't have time to spend 20 minutes to 30 minutes EVERYDAY dealing with his homework. I have stuff I need to get done in the evenings. It is too hard to make him sit there and finish his work." (As an educator and as a parent, I think 20-30 minutes falls into the "acceptable amount of homework" category. Maybe that it just me. Plus, I kind of like to know what they are learning. Again, maybe that is just me.)

So, Johnny's mother doesn't miss a beat. She says, "You shouldn't have to deal with homework. You're not a teacher!"

Blood, simmer down.

I wasn't a part of this conversation. I was not about to interrupt and get on my soapbox. No, that would be rude. So, in my head I was screaming, "You are a PARENT!!! A.K.A. A TEACHER!!!!! You ARE a teacher! Do you really want strangers to be the ONLY participants in your child's education?! REALLY? I know, it can be exhausting! What about parenthood isn't exhausting? TRUST me, all the hard stuff seems to be rewarding in the end."

O.K., so I am FAR from the end of my parenting career. I really do not claim to have any wisdom, just common sense...at least most of the time. And, I KNOW that homework can be frustrating. It just seems that we live in a society where we are "busy" doing things that aren't eternally important and we forget about the simple things that are. Oh, I am guilty of it myself ( after all, I was at soccer practice...exercise is also important ;0). But, I could hardly keep my lips closed. I feel sorry for those boys. I pray that they are being taught the importance of an education by someone.

I do realize that I will have an agonizing night of homework this week since I decided to post this. But, that is o.k. They are MY children. I want to support them in everything of value in their lives.

Except potty training. I do want to leave that up to someone else. Do I have any takers?!

The moms continued to talk. They soon began discussing their DUI's. They were from several years ago, but I realized they may have had a rough start in life. So, I am hoping they don't represent the majority of parents around here.

Sorry for the "heavy" reading. I promise something funny and shallow next post. ;0)


Imperfect Mom said...

Okay, I have to say it.

I'm already burnt out on homework.

Now, I KNOW that AM's teacher doesn't give an inordinate amount of work. In fact, I believe most of the kids in her class get it done.

AM, not so much.

The bad thing: the child has a serious "paying attention to task"-problem. I kid you not. Last Tuesday it took 2 1/2 hours. Wednesday and tonight took 2 hours.

I really, really dread the possibility of a school year full of 2+ hours of homework at night. Plus reading.

He's only in second grade!

But it's AM's issue, not the teacher's. I want to be a parent that's actively involved, but this wears me out. I was soooo hoping this year would be different, but that doesn't appear to be in the cards.

Chaos-Jamie said...

20 minutes I can handle, but I also have to say that elementary school kids shouldn't have an evening's worth of homework every day. (Not that we do.)

I don't remember having ANY (aside from spelling tests and times tables) until late in my Junior High career.

So, as my prophetic/mercy self types this, I can see the frustration. Not for the same reason, mind you, but because I think kids should be kids. Seven hours of work a day is plenty.

Assuming they work those seven hours.

Nurse Boy said...

You two do NOT fall into the category of uninterested/uninvolved parents!!! However, neither one of you offered to potty train Sweet Pea, either. Come on...can't a girl get some help around here????

Mrs. Nurse Boy

mommy4life said...

Sorry no volunteer here either for potty training. I have to dread it for myself....

I look at homework as a chance to touch base with what they are learning 20-30 min for 3rd grade is appropriate. I get annoyed with my child if there is an hour or more worth, usually because of easy distraction, I assume they aren't applying themselves.

I'd like to think the parents you overheard are in the minority but I think it's the other way around and we are...